5 Idiots wanna adopt me

Alison has had a rough life until she was sent to an orphanage. Alison thought she would never be adopted since she was 14 everybody thought " she was too old" Until one day
Read to find out


12. Wake up Call

Ok I know I haven't updated in a while but, My sister's lives in California and came to visit for 2 weeks, and also I'd like to make a shout out to 'Once upon a time' and valen<3!D' also thank you guys for reading.



I had just went downstairs for breakfast and I see Liam up. "goodmorning uncle LiLi" I said he looked shocked at first but quickly recovered"morning Ali" he smiled I returned it. I put 2 pieces of toast in the toaster once it was finished I grabbed the nutella and spread it on with a butter knife. Soon Louis was down " Morning Dad" he looked like Liam then his face turned from shock to the biggest grin. " goodmorning Alison". We all had finshed breakfast(except for Harry, Zayn and Niall) I grabbed a skillet and started making eggs once they were finshed I popped some biscuits and the oven a fried some bacon, and warmed up some gravy to but on the biscuits" I went and sat the table and it was all ready so I turned everything up and decided to go wake up the boys. First Niall. I walked into his room and whispered into his ear" Niall Nandos is on fire" he sat straight up and yelled " MUST SAVE NANDOS" chill Uncle Ni it isn't but breakfast is ready and save some for the others" he smiled and ran down stairs before you could say Nandos. Nexy Harry. I walked into his room and jumped on the bed screaming"UNCLE HAZZA GET UP BREAKFAST IS READY" he sat up " Alison?" he questioned I nodded" why are you in here" Just get up and go downstairs and eat". Ieft the room time for Zayn I got in there and saw him tangled in the covers" UNCLE ZAYN GET UP GET UP" he didnt even stir. I slapped him. Nothing. Ok then I got up went downstairs grabbed a large glass of cold water. walked back upstairs. " you asked for this remember that" I said and dumped it on his face. he shot straight up and " what the hell Louis" he looked up and noticed it wasn't Louis " Alison?!!!?" Uncle zayn" he smile dbut went back to his face when he thought it was Louis Uh Oh. I ran downstairs him hot on my heels. he caught me and threw me over he shoulder" Uncle Zaynie!!!" I screamed he smiled and walked down stairs to the pool " FUCK. UNCLE ZAYN NO" he threw me in oh he was getting it nowI swam back up and got " hey uncle zayn want a hug" he shook his head I went up and jumped on his back there now revenge is over. " Now go eat breakfast" He nodded and went upstairs to change along with me close behind. Iwent in to my room and changed into a T-shirt and blue jeans. and walked downstairs to the kitchen. " Alison did you cook all this" I nodded " this is really good" Niall said" I try" where did you learn to cook this" Liam asked " My mum taught me" I said in barley a whisper she may not have been able to be around lonbg but she taught me alot.



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