5 Idiots wanna adopt me

Alison has had a rough life until she was sent to an orphanage. Alison thought she would never be adopted since she was 14 everybody thought " she was too old" Until one day
Read to find out


30. um..............

Okay so you guys know I did not look up their blood types I got a comment or 2 correcting me. I Was having a lazy day probably then so I just put down random blood type. So no nee to correct me, cause honestly I don't care about their blood type, I care about making these stories as well as I can so if you don't like the story or any others don't read it!!!!! I Don't mind if you find a grammar or spelling error, but correcting me on something that is not really important is just somebody either

a. Trying to get attention

B. Just being rude or

C. Just being jealous

SO if you are trying to point things out that I have done wrong point it out nicely don't make it seem like your giving me an attitude cause I don't appreciate it and it just dosen't make sense. If you are posting comments like this it will be deleted and reported, so in any point just STOP. Now I'm sorry for my rant, an also this is not a chapter so yeah



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