5 Idiots wanna adopt me

Alison has had a rough life until she was sent to an orphanage. Alison thought she would never be adopted since she was 14 everybody thought " she was too old" Until one day
Read to find out


28. Trail Part 2 part 2 (state your case) ( prosecution)


Next was the boys and I, " next to the stand is Alison Tomlinson" I walked up to the stand, "do swear to say nothing but the truth and If you don't so help you god" "I do" everyone nodded and I sat down. " who you like to explain, who is your biological father and mother.?" "yes, My BIOLOGICAL father is Bobby Horan, and my adoptive dad is Louis Tomlinson. While my biological mum is Kelly Jackson, and my dad is not married, but if I had to consider someone it would be his girlfriend Eleanor Calder" She nodded " why were you in A Angel Orphanage?" " My mum had been murder by Bobby, and he had me sexually, mentally, and physically abused me" " Why did you choose to see him in Mullingar Two weeks ago?" " why, because I had fallen and went into a coma, and I decided that I needed to face my fears and he was one of them" "When were you adopted By Mr. Tomlinson, Styles, Malik, Horan, and  Payne"' " almost a year ago" " and how have they treated you" "OBJECTION" Nichole wailed out, " this is a trial for Mr. Horan, not her, or a case worker asking her about being treated right" The judge nodded " stick to questions that are relevant to the case Mr. Terrey" He nodded " It says here that you had been admitted to the hospital in London for a punch to the forehead by Mr. Styles" Harry's eyes shot up looking at me timidly " Sorry sir, but you must have gotten the information wrong, I had been punched by his ex girl Taylor Swift" his head shot up from the page " oh my bad" " I rest my case" We broke for lunch,and when we got back hopefully the jury would have the verdict. We went across the street, and ate Nandos. We all ate the Peri peri Chicken. Before we walked back into the court room I looked at Nichole " you didn't have to call up the objection.... I would have answered it with the truth" " i know but it wasn't relevant to the case, and you could tell it was bugging you and the boys" I nodded " thank you really" " Its my job and you seem like a little girl who has a bright future ahead of you" again I thanked her and we walked in. " has the jury reached a verdict" " yes your honor we have" " carry on" we all stood and looked at the jury " in breaking Parole we find he guilty,............... for attempt of murder in the 3rd degree.....guilty................, and for the murder of Kelley Jackson in 2nd degree with find the descendant .......GUILTY:" " and the dates due to these crimes" " for breaking parole.... 1 year...... for attempt of murder......15 .......and muder in the 2nd degree......................LIFE" " Tank you all for your time... Jury the judical branch of the United states thank you for your time.... Sirs please take Mr. Horan to London Correctional Institution" " ALISON I'M SORRY FOR RUINING OUR FAMILY YOU AND FOR KELLEY IF I COULD I WOULD MAKE IT UP TO YOU!!!!" he yelled being dragged out of the court room------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------OKAY GUYS THANK YOU FOR 900 VIEWS IT REALY MEANS ALOT!!!!! 



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