5 Idiots wanna adopt me

Alison has had a rough life until she was sent to an orphanage. Alison thought she would never be adopted since she was 14 everybody thought " she was too old" Until one day
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27. Trail Part 2 part 1 (state your case) ( deffence)


"After the beginning statement is the most important thing, The part where the jury decides, where the jury listens, and where you convince everyone that your right that you are telling the truth." my mums voice rang in the back of my head. After we were dismissed for a 10 minute break, I pulled everyone to a corner, in which everyone being the boys, all the girls, and Nichole. " Okay, guys if your going up to be a witness or anyone involves you in anyway you are to tell the truth a make sure you put in every detail. I don't care how sad it is, gruesome, or angry it makes you. You are to speak the truth and we need to make sure he goes away for as long as he lives." Everyone one nodded understanding or at least thinking they understood. Everybody thinks they understand what lawyers or the defence or prosecution say, but they don't understand the harshness that they put you through. After the break we walked back in and started our case with I starting first. " Bobby Horan is our first witness" " did you or did you not shoot your daughter" Nichole asked " I did not" She nodded " why was your daughter in a orphanage" " because she was a annoying little brat and I couldn't deal with her much longer" I looked at him, with my are you fucking serious look. " okay then" " why did you break Parole" " I missed the little family I had left" she nodded. " okay can you explain the, report to the police of a gunshot wound" " I had a gun in my pocket yes, and not many people visit me so when someone comes knockin on my door i have my gun ready." Okay and why did miss Tomlinson have a gun shot wound in her abodem" " Her last name is NOT Tomlinson" " Answer the question, and yes it is sir because Mr. Louis Tomlinson adopted her"  " because she got in the way trying to protect my son, Niall in the process of the gun going off" " is it true that you harmed your daughter at one point in time"" yes it is, and it was one of my many mistakes in life" "Just like murdering you Late wife Kelley Jackson" " I DIDN"T MURDER MY WIFE SHE WAS an amazing woman she died because she missed her parents who died shortly before" He said his voice  getting small at the end," I rest my case" Nichole ended. When she sat back down I looked at her like she was crazy. " you didn't give any details" I whispered to her " Yeah I know cause that's where you come in---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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