5 Idiots wanna adopt me

Alison has had a rough life until she was sent to an orphanage. Alison thought she would never be adopted since she was 14 everybody thought " she was too old" Until one day
Read to find out


23. The deal


"hi.. guys" she smiled up at us. " Alison you don't know how much we've missed you." "Trust me guys I do, I could hear you all of you......... By the way Harry thank you for coming" " it' really no problem I guess Taylor just kinda....." he scratched the back of his neck awkwardly. " had me wrapped around her finger..." she nodded. " I know you guys were worried about me, but I'm glad that he shot me and I was in a Coma"



 " I know you guys were worried about me, but I'm glad that he shot me and I was in a Coma." " What why" They all asked me. " I saw my mum again, and I know what would of happened if something that didn't include me waking up" What do you mean" Liam asked me. " L-Liam you were in a bar drinking with a random girl it was just horridness, Louis you, you cut all the time, Niall you had sex at all points of the day with a random girl, Zayn, you, you continuously smoked cigarettes one after another, and when Perrie tried to get you to quit you- you hit her, and one of the most horrible things I had ever seen, Harry you blamed yourself for my what would have been death, and you were in a mental hospital.." which one?" London Mental Hospital, but you had tried to commit suicide you struggled with everything so they had you in restraints sometimes straight jackets. the band didn't last no more than a few weeks after my death and not adding the directioners  who killed themselves cause they had been depressed, you guys were the only ones keeping them alive" They all just stared at me, suddenly Liam's phone rang breaking the silence, " uh yes this is he...... yes.....that I correct... yes she has.... the 9th correct... we will see you then..,. you to sir goodbye." Who the hell was that" The police oh" Yeah Bobby's trial is in2 days and we all need to be there and everyone, but Harry is testifying. " they all just looked at me." do you really think you're ready for this ali" " dad yes I faced him once, and he shot me even though he did it isn't like he can do anything he'll be in handcuffs not to mention this is his 3rd strike he will be sentenced to life for attempt of murder he will be sentenced to life or death, and frankly I hope it's life and not death" why?" because he harmed me and others doesn't mean he should be murdered he will be in hell when he dies he'll suffer more because he's waiting for it to happen." They all just stared at me, " how do you know this stuff."  I've thought about going in to some type of law, but lets not focus on that now we need to see both lawyers, and the judge because we need to tell them what our deal is." which is?" Niall asked " He can apologize to me and we can try to get him on 3rd degree murder stage which will give him 25-50 years or he can stay on attempt of murder 1st degree for life. They all nodded and looked at me  "deal" we all said in unison



ello penguins   

The last song was Midnight Memories by the biys and the person who got that was

gemisa. Thank you for reading I forgot to tell you this, but who ever gets the songs gets a shout out so Shout out to Gemisa

Guess the song

It's 4 am and I know that you're with I wonder if he knows that I touched your skin

and if he feels my traces in your hair i'm sorry love but I don't really care





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