5 Idiots wanna adopt me

Alison has had a rough life until she was sent to an orphanage. Alison thought she would never be adopted since she was 14 everybody thought " she was too old" Until one day
Read to find out


16. Revenge


Its been 5 minutes since Valentina went downstairs, and I have decided to get revenge on Taywhore and her 'hazzy'. I walked downstairs and I had all eyes on me. I walked up to Harry and slapped him as hard as I could and picked up his plate and dumped on his' precious' curls. Next Taywhore I punched her in the jaw she fell to the floor and then I dumped her food on her. Pulled up her head by her hair and whispered in her ear" you don't rule this house and sure as fuck won't slap me again and remember I know your plan." I then walked out and went back to my room. 


The door opened and we all looked to see who it was, Alison. She waked up to Harry and slapped him hard and then dumped his food into his curls, Taylor next, punched in the jaw and dumped food on her whispered something to her and left. She just left like nothing happened. " GO CONTROL YOUR THING LOUIS". Now Louis's up" SHE HAD A REASON YOU SLAPPED HER AND YOUR GIRLFRIEND OVR THERE DID TO ITS CALLED SELF DEFENCE AND SHE IS MY DAUGHTER AND YOUR NEICE SO SHUT THE FUCK UP THIS IS THE SECOND TIME" anger was on Harry's face then it turned to realization he then stood up and walked upstairs. All of us ran after him he walked towards Alison's door. He opened it and walked towards Ali." YOU MOTHERFUCKING PIECE OF TRASH IF I HAVE ANYTHING TO DO YOUR GOING BACK TO THE ORPHANAGE" he punched her he punched her. she had fainted.it had been 5 minutes since she fainted. So we took her to the hospital, and checked her in. name asked the receptionist.'" Alison Nichole Tomlinson' birthday' May 18th 1999'. She was took back and we were in the waitin room. "She lost blood and we need someone to donate" the doctor said walking in. We all Volenteered including Valentina. Once he came back the doctor said "only one person had a match and it was Niall Horan" We all turned to Niall. He had a matching blood type.





will she forgive Harry, Is Niall her Brother, Is Harry sorry will he break up with Taylor. Find out next time


bye _spencer_

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