5 Idiots wanna adopt me

Alison has had a rough life until she was sent to an orphanage. Alison thought she would never be adopted since she was 14 everybody thought " she was too old" Until one day
Read to find out


3. Panic Attack


I went to bed last night. Like always I had a nightmare 

' I was sitting in my room I heard the front door slam. Soon my father came in he had a beer bottle in his hand and was obviously drunk. He came up to me and slapped me i jst whimpered knowing there was going to be more. the next minutes the punching,kicking, hair pulling,and throwing me down the stairs happened I screamed in pain and cried" you little slut nobody could ever love you" he yelled at me and kicked me I continued to scream' I woke up by someone shaking my shoulders I looked up to see Niall he lifted his hand and on instinct I flinched and pulled away. I curled into a little ball and cried " what's wrong Alison" I didn't answer I heard the door open and close and then open and close again I peeked up to see all 5 boys. This is worst than I thought I scooted farther away and cried " Alison" I heard Liam say. I looked up at them they all had a concerned and worried face, but I wasn't that stupid I knew that once I gave in the pain would come. "please just don't hurt me." why would we hurt you Alison" Niall asked " because I'm not stupid I  woke you up in the middle of the night and now you are going to punish me"


I heard screaming from Ali's room I got up and saw Alison screaming and crying in her sleep I felt so bad for her. I went to her and shook her awake I put my hand up to smooth her hair she flinched and moved away " whats wrong Alison" she didn't answer I went and got the boys they all came in she " Alison" Liam asked her she scooted farther away and continued to cry. " Please just don't hurt me" Why would we hurt you Alison" I asked " because I'm not stupid I woek you all up in the middle of the night and now you are going to punish me" she stated fear written all over her face " No we won't now whats wrong" Harry asked " Nothing" she stated can you all go now she asked we nodded and left " what do you think happened " Louis asked" It was either a night mare or it had some thing to do with her past we all agreed to get it out of her tommarow and went back to bed

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