5 Idiots wanna adopt me

Alison has had a rough life until she was sent to an orphanage. Alison thought she would never be adopted since she was 14 everybody thought " she was too old" Until one day
Read to find out


8. Mrs. Grundledge



She must really hate school or as she calls it and I quote "A hell hole". I don't know why she's most likely been bullied I'll ask Liam to talk to her. We have to send her to school Oh idea maybe we could get a tutor and homeschool her. I shall go ask my very responsible friend now. " LIAM!!!!" he runs downstairs holding a first aid kit" what happened do we need to call an ambluence!!" he asked frantic I chuckled trying to hold back a laugh. " No if she won't go to school maybe we could get a tutor and home school her" You know Tommo that might be your best idea." "HEY!!!" FAMILY MEETING" he yells up the stairs. I hear three pairs of feet" where's Alison" I asked. I decided to go check on her. Her door was locked " Alison can I come in" If your thinking about sending me to that place of horror and hell NO!" she shouts wow. " No we are having a family meeting and no matter how much you hate it your still part of this family now" Ok" I hear her say. a minute later she unlocks the door and walks down stairs. She takes a seat farthest from us, " Ok we have gathered here-" I start but get cut off. " really Louis get on with it" Zayn says grumpily " Ok so Alison we know how you hate school so we were wondering if you would like to be home-schooled we will hire a tutor" I finish. She smiles like for really she must be warming up to us. " thank you louis I really appreciate it. I'm sorry for being a bitch" LANGUAGE" Liam shouts. she rolls her eyes" sorry Liam I'm sory for being a complete uhhh i can't find a better word". We all look at her at then we burst out laughing along with her." ok so I will call the best off the best carry on" 



I am so happy I don't have to go to that hell hole. I went upstairs and changed and went to bed.

*********Next morning ************

" aww she's so innocent looking when she's asleep. Unlike the complete Sarcasm and sass filled girl when she's awake"


" Hurry and take a picture before she wakes up" 


This is what I woke up to. " Uh what are you guys doing in here at-" I turned to the clock 8:30"- 8:30 in the morning" I asked. " The tutor is going to be her in a hour" Liam said " ok" I got up and took a shower and blow dried my hair and got changhed. I walked down stairs got some lucky charms and sat down. About 15 minutes after I got done there was a knock at the door. " Ah welcome Mrs. Grundledge" said Liam " yes thank you Liam Now where is Alison" she said. Liam invited her in and then came and got me. " hello M'am I am Alison Tomlinson" and let me describe her she was short and wrinkly with Gray hair put in to a tight bun and glasses hanging at her nose. ANd let me tell you she looked Like a fucking bitch. " uh excuse us a moment I need to talk to Liam for a moment" she nodded and I pulled Liam off to the side. " REALLY LIAM HER SHE LOOKS LIKE A BITCH" I whisper yell then I feel something come in contact with my head. I turn around to see Mrs.Grundledge giving me and evil eye and she has a ruler in her hand. " excuse her Mrs. Grundledge she came from a rough past and learned the words and uses them frequently we haven't broke it from her just yet" I get it out of her" I roll my eyes. SHe hits me again " uh ow" I yell. Liam then leads us to a office like room there is a whiteboard, A desk, chair, and a large desk and chair. I turned to Liam with a "really" look he mouthed to me " this is where the boys and I took our education for senior year" I just nod my head awkwardly he leaves us. I sit down she puts a large packet in front of me"This is a placement quiz to see what you know and what I need to teach you it covers Mathmatics, english, biology, history, reading, french, spanish, german, philology, and just for you lady like manners you will have 3 hours and 45 minutes to do as much as possible I want all electronics on my desk" I hand her my phone and she gives me 5 # 2 pencils, I am ready to kill this bitch I start the horrid test. 

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