5 Idiots wanna adopt me

Alison has had a rough life until she was sent to an orphanage. Alison thought she would never be adopted since she was 14 everybody thought " she was too old" Until one day
Read to find out


10. Meet the Girlfriends


Yesterday while I was skyping Liam. A girl came into the room yelling at Liam" LIAM!!!" she yelled "hold on dani" he said to me. HE answered the girl" yes Alison" so her names Alison. "YOU DID NOT SET ME UP WITH A SON OF A BITCH TUTOR WHO IS EVIL AS HELL. DID YOU KNOW ABOUT THE 965 QUESTION TEST YOU SHALL NEVER SEE DAY LIGHT AGAIN!!!!!" wow she is really mad. she tackled Liam to the ground and well lets just say he got beta up by a girl who looked about 13. The boys came in asking questions which ended up with her hiding under Liams bed and Liam ratting her out to an old lady who looked like a bitch and she ended up likeing the girl who destroyed Liam who Alison thought was a bitch who went around hitting people in the head with rulers. They left and Liam sat back down. " sorry about that" don't worry it was quite entertaining who was she" our adoptive daughter Alison" ooooh can I meet her I'll call El, and Perrie over too we could go shopping" I said " sure come tommarow around 2" kk bye babe" be dani see you tommarow" 



I got up arind 9:30 took a shower, blew dried my hair, brushed my teeth, and changed. I went downstairs and Harry was cooking breakfast. " hey Harry whatcha makin" cholate chip pancakes" oh yummy so what we doin today" I have no idea ask Liam" ok". Just then Liam came downstairs" hey Liam whats we doin today" well your going shopping with our girlfriends" you guys have girl friends?" yup Zayn, Louis, and I" coolio" When will they be here?" around 2" OK" Harry sat down a plate of Pancakes in front of me I put Syrup and  whip cream. " Hazza where did you learn how to cook these are amazing" My mum nad thanks" wow and your welcome".Soon everybody was down and we ate cholate chip pancakes except for Louis he had carrot pancakes, He is a very weird boy. 

*** 2 o'clock***

There was  a knock at the door. Liam answered it and 3 beautiful girls came in. They kissed there boys. They cmae up to me. " Hi I'm Danelle but you can call me Dani" she pulled me into a hug the other girls did the same thing" Hello I'm Eleanor" And I'm Perrie" I'm Alison but you can call me Ali..So how did these idiots get girls like you" I asked pointing to the boys. " sweetie we have no Idea but lets shop" yess!!!" I yelled they girls laughed and the boys chuckled.



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