5 Idiots wanna adopt me

Alison has had a rough life until she was sent to an orphanage. Alison thought she would never be adopted since she was 14 everybody thought " she was too old" Until one day
Read to find out


9. Hide me!!


Ok this bitch is fixing to die. I have 15 minutes left and I have 345 out of 965.

**15 minutes later**

" pencil down times up" Mrs. Grundledge says. I put my pencil down " you may go until I finsh grading the placement test" Ok" I say and walk up stairs to Liams room. He's on his computer" LIAM!!!" hold on Dani" yes Alison" he asked " YOU DID NOT JUST DET ME UP WITH A SON OF A BITCH TUTOR WHO IS EVIL AS HELL. DID YOU KNOW ABOUT THE 965 QUESTION TEST YOU SHALL NEVER SEE DAYLIGHT AGAIN!!!!" I yell " what? AHHHHHH" he screamed as I tackled him to the ground and started pinching, kicking, pulling his hair( AN I know he dosen't really have hair now but pretend) soon all the other boys run in. " what is going on" Zayn asks trying to hold back a laugh" DID YOU GUYS KNOW WHAT TUTOR HE GOT ME!!!" no he just said he was calling in the best. which one did you get her Liam" Louis asks. I get of him and stand so he also stands"Uh Mrs. Grundledge" Really Liam we all hated her except for you" said Niall " Mrs. Tomlinson" Says Mrs. Grundledge from downstairs " hide me please" I say getting under the bed" uh any of you seen Alison" she asks the boys " No" The boys say in unison except for Liam " she's under the bed"   she pulls my foot" YOU KNOW WHAT SCREW THIS IM NOT GOING TO GET BEAT IN THE HEAD WITH A FUCKING RULER SO SEND ME TO THAT HELL HOLE THEY CALL SCHOOL SO IM NOT GOING TO STAND HERE AND CHANGE FOR THIS BITCH CAUSE I'M NOT LADY LIKE CAUSE GUESS IM YOUR NOT HERE TO CHANGE ME  YOU ARE HERE TO EDUCATE ME" I like you Alison" said Mrs. Grundledge " uh" You are not afraid to be yourself and you certainly don't take shit from anybody, not only that you are also one of my best students you got one of the highest scores on the placement quiz you did better than Liam over here" she smiled at me, I smirked, Liam gasped, and the boys chuckled. " now come along" We went downstairs and had one of the easiest and funnest lessons I have ever had. I love Mrs. Grundledge

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