5 Idiots wanna adopt me

Alison has had a rough life until she was sent to an orphanage. Alison thought she would never be adopted since she was 14 everybody thought " she was too old" Until one day
Read to find out


15. Harry's and Niall's GF

Ok so the winners for the contest is' Valen<31D' and '1dbiggestfan'. Congrationlations. Now with out furtherado chapter 15---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


I was sitting across from Niall and he was grinning and his eyes were bright. He was staring at his phone. " Niall who ya textin" Nooooboooody" he said bring out the -o's-." oh I know you have a girlfriend. What's her name, when can I meet her, What does she look like" I rambled. " wow, slow down. Yes I have a girlfriend, her name is Valentina , you can meet her tonight she's coming over to meet everybody, and she has brown hair and brown eyes and she tall but shorter than me and she 18". " HEY BOYS GUESS WHAT NIALL HAS A GIRLFRIEND!!!" REALLY" OH WHEN CAN I SEE HER" COOL" I heard upstairs, wait that was only 3 replies where's Harry" Seconds later Harry walked in with Taylor Swift. Eh I could careless her music is ok but she dates then breaks their heart buy doing something stupid, soon writing a hit song. " Hey Ali This is my girlfriend Taylor Swift" yes I'm filmilar with her work," I walked up to her and stuck out my hand. " Hi I'm Alison Tomlinson" she looked at me in disgust and walked away. " well then" I mumbled. " Well Hazz welcome home, I'll be in my room, Oh and BTW Niall's new GF is coming over tonight for dinner" I said as I kissed his cheek and ran upstairs. As soon as I had got cannonballed into my bed Taylor came in. " Hello?" I asked confused, " Listen her you little brat, Stay away from my Hazzy he's mine and I need to get close to him to write a new song so keep away" Ok 1. Hazzy really, 2. I am not a brat,3. he not yours you don't own him, and 4. I know your useing him I have since you walked through that front door, your method date and break their hearts by being stupid and then writing a new song to keep your fans and manangement happy." she turned red with anger. and slapped me. " OH HELL TO THE NAW BITCH YOU DID NOT JUST SLAP ME" i screamed and tackled her to the ground then Harry came up she faked cried. " H-h-hazzy I-I came up h-here to get to k-know her a-and she t-tackled me" ALISON NICHOLE TOMLINSON YOU ARE GROUNDED" OK THEN HOW ABOUT YOU LEARN THE FULL STORY, OH I FORGOT YOU AND YOUR SKANKY GIRLFRIEND CAN GO FUCK EACHOTHER" OK THATS IT" he raised his hand and slapped me. HE SLAPPED ME HARRY FUCKING SLAPPED ME. I ran to my bedcrying. They left and the others came in. " what happened babygirl" fucking he hoe of a girlfriend Taylor slapped me and I tackled her and of course Harry came and assumed the worst and he slapped me. Dad he fucking slapped me after the promises" I shouldn't have let my gaurd down to him after he did the first time" I whispered. Soon I was squished in a hug by them all. except for Harry soon the doorbell rung and I knew who it was. " Hey Uncle Ni I sure as heck am not going down there. I would be honored to meet her but 2 fucking bitches are down there so send her up here if she'd like" he nodded and smiled sympathetically. 20 minutes later a beuatiful was up here. " Hi you must be Valentina I'm Alison" Why aren't you downstairs?" she asked Long story short my trust was broken by Harry" Well he seemed like a bitch and Taylor swift is useing him" thank you some body else see's it" she laughed well I better be downstairs for dinner comeing" Nah I'll snag somthin later" well bye" BTW don't talk to Harry Taylor will end up slapping you and if you have a temper like me or its kinda a split personality you'll tackle her and you'll be in trouble" Mkay see ya later" you too" I smiled. " Bitches got another thing comin if they think I'm foirgiving those bitches 

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