I can't believe this is happening

Yuki is an average high-school girl but she has a secret , she has seen a werewolf she sees it every night will she share her secret with her best friend,Loki the hottest boy in school or will the secret drive her to insanity?


3. The wolf

Wolf/mans POV~

I sigh, why did they call for me now? I was just walking by Yuki's house and alpha told me to change right now so of course I did she's my alpha but why now? I contact Roseanna. "Why did you tell me to change?" She replied saying " Jake needs medical assistance" "I'm not the healer" I say rather worried Jake is the beta the second strongest in the pack, what could of taking him down? "I know Loki, but your closer to him then any one else, please go help our brother." She said. Yep she just had to remind me that I'm related to them and I am one of the weakest in the pack and her and Jake are the strongest, I'm pathetic. "I will try." I say. "Great, here is his location." She sends me them mentally. I started running towards Jake. 


~Yuki's POV ~


I watch as the wolf/man ran off, I wonder who he was and what was he doing by my house? I drift off to sleep thinking of the werewolf.




I wake up to my alarm singing Friday by Rebeca Black. Ugh worse song ever! I get dress in my usual neon shirt and jeans , put my hair up in a high ponytail. I walk downstairs and grab an apple and my bag and walk out the door


~authors note~ hey!!!!!!! I'm Kylie or Kat and I'll try to update at least once a week and I have a short attention span so I'm sorry for the short chapters Bye bye!!!!  

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