I can't believe this is happening

Yuki is an average high-school girl but she has a secret , she has seen a werewolf she sees it every night will she share her secret with her best friend,Loki the hottest boy in school or will the secret drive her to insanity?


2. The first sighting

                                               Sunday night

~Yuki's POV ~


I drag myself up the stairs and lay down on my bed. I guess there is some benifits to living alone, you never have to answer  to anyone but yourself ,but I hated it you have no one to talk to, no one to come home to. Your truly are alone. I look out the window,I see a man,I can't make out his face. Suddenly the man disappears and a wolf takes his place. I rub my eyes and look again, there is wolf,but what happened to the man? I gasped did the man turn into the wolf? Did I just see a werewolf!?     

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