I can't believe this is happening

Yuki is an average high-school girl but she has a secret , she has seen a werewolf she sees it every night will she share her secret with her best friend,Loki the hottest boy in school or will the secret drive her to insanity?


6. School

Hey guys this will be a very short chapter but I might come put more on this chapter but I might not so here it is!


~Yuki's POV~



I walked into the school and smile at everyone and I got nasty looks from them,like I said bitches and bastards. I don't know why they hate a person that smile at you for no reason and yes I am usually happy but my additude can change very fast. I finally get to my locker and as I put my book in my locker when I feel arms around my waist. I smile and say "Hi Loki" " Hey beautiful" he replies "Loki" I whine "people are staring" "let them stare" he whispers in my ear, I shiver from his breath. "Loki, you know we're just friends right?" I say "ouch" he says with a fake hurt look but then he smiles and says "I thought we are best friends" I fake sigh "fine" "YAY!!" He screams like a little girl causing everyone to look at us "we better head to class" I say "ugh, fine" he says cause he hates science and that's what we have first."come on" I say dragging him to the room  

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