I'm lost

Brook Vallee is a 16 year old girl who is always trying to fit in. Her adoption parents are terribly strict and won't allow her to leave the house after 9 pm. In order to fit in, Brooke sneaks out after curfew to a pathway where all the popular kids hang. The pathway is split in two and Brooke goes down the wrong path. She faces an old graveyard where a terrible surprise is laying there.


6. What is that black thing

The thing that I saw was like a human but I didn't get a good look. I went to sleep that night and next thing I know I had a dream that I was in this scary hospital . These very scary women came to me and nursed me and they feed me nasty thing like goat meat and moldy bread and it was nasty. I woke up and screamed and I didn't like what was happening so I tried to find my way back home. Every time I go out I keep seeing these black things  witch I think are the nurses.I am sick ans tried of this mess I got the knife and all most killed my self but I said '' NO''. Keep on for my adventure to try to find my way home.They were pathway that were split. Then I found this old house witch look like a hospital. I am not about to take this chance to go in. After that I came to this pathway were it had 3 split paths. I went to the middle one and found this old house

It was the same house I found in my dream!!!!

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