I'm lost

Brook Vallee is a 16 year old girl who is always trying to fit in. Her adoption parents are terribly strict and won't allow her to leave the house after 9 pm. In order to fit in, Brooke sneaks out after curfew to a pathway where all the popular kids hang. The pathway is split in two and Brooke goes down the wrong path. She faces an old graveyard where a terrible surprise is laying there.


5. This dream is so real, I think

When I woke up I was scared every time I go to sleep I always have bad dreams. I went outside and went ton go find some berries and I saw a owl but I left the knife at the house so I ran as fast  lighting so I can catch it. When I realized that I got lost and I couldn't find my house that I lived in for 3 days.Then I found this pathway and I stared to get really excited that I could find my home but I did the house I the woods. I went home and I got no food so I went to bed hungry. Next thing I know I was in my house and my mean parents where so nice to me. I didn't get in trouble and I got to fit in and at school. I was in the middle like the kids who don't get picked on.I  was finally I could do anything I want and I got to stay up late on school days. At school I was just so cool that is what I felt. When I was in first period   I got all the people to look  at me when I am saying something. Then at the 3 period I had the cool kids to buy me some new clothes after school. Every time I look away I see these blacks things looking at me every where I went. But when I woke up I knew it was all a dream after when  I went for some berries I stared yo see these black thing . They were like ghost my dream felt so real that the school thing was fake but the black thing were real.           

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