I'm lost

Brook Vallee is a 16 year old girl who is always trying to fit in. Her adoption parents are terribly strict and won't allow her to leave the house after 9 pm. In order to fit in, Brooke sneaks out after curfew to a pathway where all the popular kids hang. The pathway is split in two and Brooke goes down the wrong path. She faces an old graveyard where a terrible surprise is laying there.


4. New home ,New rules

When I saw the house I was pretty scared. So I went in and I saw things like the stuff that will be in people house if you lived there. I went up stairs I saw a bed and a dresser that had clothes in it. It was like heaven so I took a nap. When I closed my eyes I had this weird vision that I was going to be kidnapped so I woke in a rush. I went down stairs I looked for food and all I saw was can food that had to be on the stove to eat which the house did have one but no electricity so I was I had to look for food outside which was getting dark outside. When I went outside I saw a berry bush and so I stared to pick at it. When I was finished I had 100 berries I had to save so for tomorrow. I put on some of the clothes that the house had in them. I went upstairs I was thinking about what the book said I would be haunted for the rest of my life so I will not go to sleep.I just closed my eyes once I had this  horrid dream that I had no hope of finding my family ever again and when I was 18 years old I will be killed. The next morning when I woke up all my 50 berries was gone. I know somebody had to be in the house so I went upstairs and I saw cat just sitting there. I was thinking that I need food so I found a old knife on the ground and I killed the  cat for dinner .For breakfast I went to go pick more berries. When I saw something out the window it looked like a person so I ran over and it was just a scarecrow.In science class I learned how to make a fire so I grab some moss and some stick and stared a fire in less than 20 minutes. In the house I found some old pots and pans . The smell of the cat was nasty but the taste was good.

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