I'm lost

Brook Vallee is a 16 year old girl who is always trying to fit in. Her adoption parents are terribly strict and won't allow her to leave the house after 9 pm. In order to fit in, Brooke sneaks out after curfew to a pathway where all the popular kids hang. The pathway is split in two and Brooke goes down the wrong path. She faces an old graveyard where a terrible surprise is laying there.


2. I'm off

When I followed the popular kids to a path I saw foot steps. I saw a pathway that split into two and i didn't know witch way to go so I went to the darker side instead of the lighter side. When I went into the darker side it was very long and I saw graveyard .I tried to go back but it was to dark.I saw a book on a ground that belonged to a person named Alison Wright.So I picked it up and it had all these ghostly spells.I read one and all I see is the sky getting whiter and whiter and next thing I know ghost were staring at me. When I turned around I saw a really hot ghost which looked more human than ghostly.All the other looked so ugly but just he was so hot. Some ghost just looked so nice an others looked just mean like they wanted to eat me  alive.One ghost was just pouring  blood out of his mouth, tried to eat my hair, and tried to lick me but I moved away. When I moved away from that ghost a hole open up from under me I woke up with a terrified look on my face. " Thank god that was just a dream " I said. When I woke up and got dressed my parents were at the door with their arms crossed and said  that I was on punishment for skipping class and I will be on it for 10 days. I rushed out the door and cried to my heart poured out.When my brother skip class he never gets on punishment and I think that is unfair. When I get on the bus all the kids were  looking like I was stupid. My mean parents read all my diaries to the whole bus and they heard everything I wrote about them. I was going to get beat up by the whole bus when I get to school.


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