Stay for the Night

Sailor was only planning to hang out on that one Friday night....


1. Him

Sailor's POV

"I never want to see another bottle of cleaner for as long as I live..." I work in a hotel. Lame.... I know it is, but it is what gets the bills paid. Ugh.... Seven days a week, 12 hours a day..... I clean peoples messes and  get paid minimum wage...

I honestly don't know why I keep working here. There is nothing holding me here in Nashville! NOTHING! Everyone I know has moved on to better lives while I was stuck here waiting for everything to come to me. I guess I thought the opportunities would come to me. Boy was I wrong...

I pull out my phone. It's only 7 PM... Not that late... I call up my friend Jess

S: Hey girl

J: Hey! Whats up?

S: Nothing I was just seeing if you were busy tonight

J: Actually I'm not! Want to go to the movie rental store?

S: Sure. I can be at your house in 5 minutes 

J: Okay. I'll be here 

S: Bye

J: BYE!!!

I hung up the phone before she could get any louder and hopped into my car. I plugged up my phone and blared Pompeii by Bastille through the speakers! My day was coming to a good end so far. 5 minutes later I pulled up at her house and walked inside. She was sprawled out on the sofa watching a video on her laptop. I walk up and see a count down like in an old movie... OMG THIS ISN'T ABOUT TO HAPPEN!!! 

"Oh I just wanna take you anywhere that you like..." I start singing along at the top of my lungs like a 6 year old and dancing like I was 5. I honestly don't care what most people think of me... THIS IS ME! 

"You ready to go Sailor?"

"Sure am! Lets go!" I walk out the door and we drive to the nearest movie store. It was like 20 minutes away! They really need to build one here!!! Like soon!!

"Soooo what do we want to watch?" I ask while skipping around.

"Oh! Lets watch a horror! Umm... What about Mama?"

"Sure. I can go get it really fast." As I was walking I realized how quiet it was in here... EH its probably nothing.  I look along the isle not really paying attention where I was going. Next thing I know I bumped into someone. Typical clumsy me.

"I'm sorry! I really need to start paying attention!" I laugh as I brush myself off. I look up to see two brown eyes staring into mine. I study his face. Is this really happening?!?!?! I can't believe I just hit him!!! 

"It's okay love. I was looking for a movie too. I'm Liam! Whats your name?"

"Sailor! It's nice to meet you Liam!"

"That is the perfect name for someone as beautiful as yourself love."

"Thank you." I smile.

I look over and see my movie I was looking for! There was only one copy left. I reach for it only to grab it along with Liam.

"I guess we have to watch this together then!" He winks and I blush a little. Jess comes running down the isle laughing and tackles me.

"Are you okay love?!" He looks worried.

"I'm fine! This is Jess. Jess this is Liam." She looks up at him and I can tell she is trying to hold in her excitement.

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