Aaron and Elizabeth

Based on an amazing guy and his ordinary girl.


2. First Kisses

Five years into Elizabeth and Aaron's relationship the pair had still never properly kissed. The two had shared a small, jumbled mess of kiss on New Years, as Aaron had asked Elizabeth outside for a New Years kiss. She agreed, but she felt her heart drop and her body begin to shake, she had never kissed anyone before. The two stood outside for several awkward and rather painful minutes, stalling and making small talk, occasionally slipping in forced and awkward laughter. Finally the moment came when their lips met, briefly before Elizabeth immediately began to hug Aaron. When Elizabeth finally came to her senses she began to laugh and apologize, she had not meant to avoid Aaron's lips but that's what had occurred. She made him promise to never speak of her silly and embarrassing mistake with anybody, a promise in which he did not keep. 

Soon came time for the couple to try once more, after the disaster of their first kiss they had delayed kissing more, but it was time to try again. It had been a full year since the incident and Elizabeth was starting to get frustrated with waiting. Aaron and her planned for another New Years kiss, being cliche was a recurring thing in their relationship. When the clock finally read midnight there they stood, in the front room of Aaron's house, alone. Elizabeth began to get nervous, talking to occupy his mind away from the kiss, moving her body closer and then farther away from his. She wanted nothing more than to kiss him in that moment, but she could not find the courage to do it. A part of her had wished he would have initiated it, he would hold her by the shoulders, look her in the eyes and tell her to stop talking and then he would begin to kiss her softly, wrapping his arms around her. Before she could work up the nerve to kiss him, their families walked in and announced that her family was leaving now. Elizabeth left, embarrassed and ashamed that she couldn't accomplish something she had been dreaming about for the last five years. She promised herself that she would not chicken out next time. 

A few weeks had passed, Aaron and Elizabeth were on a small walk around her community, they stopped by a usually very empty road surrounded by a lake and bushes. Here they would stand, for several more awkward minutes before they finally locked lips. While it was anything but perfect, Elizabeth was happy. 

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