What Lies Behind Unconscious Doors

Dr. Terranova Elbourne was just a normal psychologist until she found her husband brutally murdered by a serial killer. Along with finding the killer, she must also face her own demons that have been tormenting her far before this tragic event.


5. Epilogue

      “Hey William!” I booming roar filled the police station.  William turned from his desk to see his partner, Detective Abraham Abbott, stomping towards him.  Abraham, or as William liked to call him ‘Abbi’, couldn’t help his boisterous nature, but he tried his best to be as gentle and quiet as he could.  “Will, did you get any new leads on that case yet?”

     “You’re going to have to clarify that, big guy!”  He turned back to his work.  “I’m working four cases right now and each are just as irritating as the last.”

      “The one with the missing woman and her dead husband.  You know, the one that you keep calling ‘a pain in the ass’.” Abbi tried clarifying.

     “That narrows it down to two,” William kept typing away at his computer.

     “With the guy that had his heart ripped out!”  Abbi roared.  The whole station became quiet for a second but then it went back to ‘business as usual’.  

     “Oh yeah, that,” William reluctantly remembered.  “Yeah, no.  Not yet, but I’ll tell you when I get anything, alright?”  Abbi grunted and went back to his own desk just right across from William.

     “Hey William!”

     “What?!”  William snapped.

     “Oh, hey, I can come back if you want, I guess...” William turned around to see the rookie detective, Reese Anchors, standing behind him.  

     “What do you want, Anchorman?”  William rubbed his face from all of the stress.

     “You know I hate it when you call me that-”

     “You didn’t answer my question,” William became more and more annoyed by the second.

     “Oh, sorry,”  Anchorman scrambled to get something from his black trench coat pocket.  William always thought that that trench coat just proved the fact that Anchors was born to be an anchorman for a news station, hence the nickname ‘Anchorman’.  “Uhh... Here we are!  Someone left this addressed to you but it was stuffed in my locker.  I have no idea what it is but here you go!”  Anchorman handed William a letter that just said ‘Detective William Golding’ on the back of it.

     “And you’re sure you didn’t see what was inside?” William asked as he snatched the letter from Anchorman.

     “Yeah, yeah!  I’m positive!”  Anchorman reassured William with a smile.

     “And what did I just tell you about snooping?” William asked him.

     “Oh, that, uh...”  Anchorman put too much thought into it.  “Oh!  That I should always snoop even if it’s on the boss!”  William mouthed the last part of Anchorman’s sentence.

     “And what didn’t you do despite what you just said?”   William asked waving the letter around.


     “Precisely!”  William exclaimed.  “Now go do rookie stuff and learn from your mistakes and whatever else I have to say to get you to go away.”

     “Yes, sir!”  And with that, Anchorman was off.

     As soon as Anchorman was out of sight, William turned back to his desk and said, “I swear that Anchorman is going to be the death of me.”  Abbi grunted.  William ripped the letter open and read what it said:

“Dearest Detective William Golding,

    I guess this is pretty important concerning your case on the missing woman and her dead husband (you know, the one with the guy’s heart ripped out).  Anyway, I would like to inform you that the missing woman is me, or at least I’m part of her in a sense.  I am her subconscious mind.  Before I hurt your small incompetent brain, let me tell you that the harmless, kind woman you’ve been searching for is long gone.  I’m the only one here now.  

    So how does that affect your investigation?  Well, instead of trying to find a victim and a psychopathic serial killer in two different places, now you’re looking for both in the same body.  

    Let me tell you, I will strike again.  Let’s just see if you can catch me?  Your rage and stress level may be skyrocketing right now at the thought of a new goosechase, but it’s alright.  

     It’s only natural.


    With that letter, a whole new world opened for William, one that he wasn’t expecting and would never want in his entire life.  But before he could begin the chase, he needed to take a break from his job, go to the bar, and down a couple drinks (ok, maybe more like a couple dozen).    


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