What Lies Behind Unconscious Doors

Dr. Terranova Elbourne was just a normal psychologist until she found her husband brutally murdered by a serial killer. Along with finding the killer, she must also face her own demons that have been tormenting her far before this tragic event.


4. Chapter 4

      They drove in Clyde’s car to his house on the other side of town.  It, like Terra’s house, is also surrounded by trees.  The two-story house mimicked the a glass asylum.  The geometric shapes of the house seemed to be keeping evil in and pushing good out.  The house scared Terra briefly.   

    When they pulled up, Terra was quick to get out of the car to survey the front of the house.  There were no plants in the front of the house, not even a weed rising from the cracks.  The only sign of life was the water fountain.  

    “I hope you enjoy your stay,”  Clyde said from behind her.  She turned around to see him smiling.  She timidly smiled in response.  Clyde was brisk in opening the door for her.  

    Terra thanked him and walked in to be overwhelmed with the feeling of being trapped.  Greys, blacks, and off whites covered the walls, floors, and furniture.  The walls were a plain grey color while the floor times were a light grey color.  A chandelier hung from the ceiling with the most peculiar shapes.  Most of the furniture and decorations resembled these shapes.  The large foyer contained hallways that led to other parts of the home.  A staircase was pushed to the back of the foyer.  Dr. Brooker seemed pleased when he walked in to see his home.  Terra mimicked his expression.  

    “Shall I show you to your room?”  Clyde nodded towards the stairs and began to walk.  Terra followed him cautiously.  She ran her hand over the light grey marble railing and felt the cold touch shiver down her back.  As Clyde led her down the long hallway, Terra couldn’t shake the feeling that she was being watched.  She kept eyeing all of the doors and behind her, but she knew it was all in her head.

    “Ah!” Clyde exclaimed and stopped in front of the last door in the hallway.  “This will be your room for the remainder of your stay, which, hopefully, will not be that long at all.”  He opened the door and let Terra in.

    The room had a bit of a warmer feel because of the added colors.  The room was small but was connected to a small bathroom on the left side.  The room had dark brown wood flooring and a pale light-blue walls.  The queen-sized bed was to the opposite wall with two large windows to the side of it.  The bed had light blues and whites for it’s sheets and a painting of a landscape over it.  Wood nightstands that matched the color of the wood floors were on either side of the bed.  The left nightstand had a lamp that had a light blue and white color.  The right nightstand had a silver digital clock that read ‘3:02 P.M.’.  To the right of the room was a wooden dresser and a large mirror over it.

    “I will be downstairs if you need anything,” Clyde said as he began to leave the room.  “Oh!  Before I leave, we can go to your house to get a few of your things in a little bit if you’d like.”  Terra nodded as she walked around the room.  Clyde smiled and closed the door behind him.  

    Terra laid on the bed and closed her eyes.  So much had happened in such a short amount of time.  She had to take some time to take it all in.  

    “Come now,”  She heard a voice after a few minutes of relaxing on the bed.  She immediately sat up and examined the room to see what it was.  No one besides her was in the room.  She looked to the bathroom.  She had the need to take a shower, but until she could get her clothes she wouldn’t take one.

    She heard knocking at the door.  “Oh, come in!”  She curiously exclaimed.  

    “Would you like to leave for your house now?”  Clyde asked.  

    Terra looked puzzled.  ‘It’s only been 5 minutes,’ she explained to herself.  She looked to the clock which now read ‘7:33 P.M.’.  She was a bit shocked but uttered the words, “Yeah... alright.”

    “Excellent!”  Clyde smiled.  “I’ll meet you outside!”  As Clyde left to the car, Terra looked from objects in the room to the clock to see if her vision was failing her, but everytime she looked at the clock, it would read ‘7:33 P.M.”.  To shake it off, she decided to head to the car and not leave Dr. Brooker waiting.  As she walked down the hallway, the feeling of being watched would not escape her.  She began to hurry even more until she was outside.  She walked hurriedly but calmly to Clyde’s car and got into the passenger's seat.   

    The drive to Terra’s house was long and silent.  No small talk or words were spoken the whole way there.  Both Clyde and Terra were too busy in their own thoughts to talk.  

    When they arrived, Terra felt a shock through her body, but concealed it well from Clyde.  The car pulled to a complete stop at the entrance to the house.  Terra was reluctant to get out of the car, but she willed herself to do so.  She opened the front door and made her way upstairs.  There were still blood stains that covered the walls, especially where her husband was murdered.  She did her best to rush to the walk-in closet and pack her things into a small suitcase she had hidden behind some clothes.  

    “One day,” she whispered, “One day I was going to finally pack up and leave Tim...  But of course that never happened...”  

    “What you did and didn’t do is not your fault,” Dr. Brooker explained in trying to justify her actions, or lack thereof, from the bedroom.  Terra packed a few shirts, pants, jackets, and shoes.  She hastily walked to the bathroom to pack a few beauty products, shampoo, conditioner, and other products as such into her luggage bag.  She zipped up the bag and looked into the mirror.  

    “I see you~” A familiar sing-song voice whispered into her ear.  In an instant she saw blood spattered across the room.  Her hair became black and stringy, her eyes gouged out.  A was wearing a nightgown with her heart seemingly ripped out.  In blood, the word ‘Condemned’ was smeared across the mirror.  Terra couldn’t help but let out a bloodcurdling scream as a boastful laugh taunted her sanity.  She leaned against the sink and looked up once again to see that everything was back to normal.

    “Is everything ok?”  Clyde rushed in.

    “Yeah yeah...” Terra lied.  “I thought... I saw a spider.”  She faked a smile.

    “Oh, if that’s it, I guess we should be leaving.”  Clyde worryingly smiled.  Clyde offered to take Terra’s luggage to his car, Terra handed it over without any thought.  She had no energy to deny him.  

    She was downstairs only a few steps before she could exit the house when she felt something hold her back.

    “Is everything alright?”  Clyde asked her.

    “Yeah, yeah,” Terra lied once again.  “I need to do something first.  I’ll catch up with you in a little bit.”  

    “Alright, just don’t be long, alright?” Clyde repeated himself.  Terra gave a reassuring nod and closed the door.    

     She felt the source coming from upstairs.  She climbed the apparently long staircase to her room.   There layed her husband once again in the exact same way she found him a few days before, but this time she wasn’t afraid.  She then felt a piece of her walk from her body.  This mass of energy became a female form.

     The ghostly white woman had jet black hair that extended to her shoulderblades.  She had a black vest on and low-riding black skinny jeans.  She also had a pair of black boots on.  She had a large hunting knife strapped to her right thigh.  Her lips were the only color on her, which was a dark red.  

     Time began to move backwards for the man, who was now alive and squirming trying to get out of the duct tape bindings.      

     “Oh honey, you won’t get out of those!”  The woman smirked.  “Not at all, honey, not at all!”  

     “Why?  What are you doing this?!”  The man screamed.

     “I thought you’d never ask!” The woman sarcastically said.  “Oh, after all you’ve done to me!  I just couldn’t help myself!  I couldn’t resist.  I just had to.  Your actions are compelling me.  Sooner or later it had to be done.  I have to reach inside that head and see what gears are turning.  Your mind was the one thing that made my question her own sanity.  Your own sanity questions my own.  What your mind is makes me a slave to my own curiosity.  I can’t resist.  I just can’t.  Because in all honesty, it’s only natural.”  She let out an exaggerated laugh.  

     The woman proceeded to crawl her way towards the man.  With the man straddled between her legs, she took out the large knife from her thigh.

     “No!  No!!!”  The man pleaded for his life.

     "Oh yes,” The woman whispered into his ear.  And with those words, she cut into him and ripped out his heart, which was still beating in her hands.  “My revenge on you is served,” she explained, “But now I must serve it on you.”  Her head turned to Terra.  The woman’s eyes were gouged out and black.  The woman laughed and Terra instantly lost consciousness.


    Terra awoke to the dark room where she was still tied down with chains.  Now the woman was sitting in a chair in front of but unreachable by Terra.  Terra fought the chains but all it did was make the woman laugh even more.

    “Now,”  The woman was sliding her knife across a beating heart, “You may be wondering ‘Why me?’ or ‘Who are you?’.  Well, just because I’m nice, I’ll answer both.”  The woman tilted her head.  “Do you really not have any clue who I am?” The voice seemed sincerely shocked.  “Well I guess we’ll have to get back to the basics then!  Basic psychology, I mean.  Every single psychology major knows of me.  I am the infamous being that lingers in everyone, but no one ever knows I’m there!”

    “Id,” Terra let out and stopped struggling with the chains.

    “Bingo!”  Id stood up with the beating heart and knife in her hands.  “Now I will tell you why I am picking on you, but that may be a given already.”  Her teeth were now seen to Terra to be sharp and stained with blood.  The woman cackled.  “Oh yes, this will be fun.”

    “Tell me then,” Terra bravely remarked.

    “Ok then,” Id asserted, “I have been cooped up in that head of yours all of your life, but you’re different from the rest, oh let me tell you.”  She smirked once again.  “Oh you’ve know I’ve been there ever since you were a little tike.  I remember you fighting me like a little warrior.  I was the strength that kept you striving to be a good little girl.  Oh the ego on you was to laugh at!  But anyway, I was digressing a bit.”  Id took a moment to collect herself. “Anyway, once you met that doctor, it was love at first sight.  Or, what I like to describe as, a sociopath successfully trapping an innocent girl with internal conflicts.”  Id’s words became more and more cold and harsh.  “With him, you didn’t need me because, oh, he was your only motivation.  I wasn’t even in the mix anymore.  So yeah, I killed him, and oh it felt so good.  But I only did it to get back at you.”  Id squeezed the heart she held slightly.  Terra could feel pressure on her heart and knelt down onto on knee in pain.  

    “Ah!”  Terra silently screamed.

    The laugh boasted once more.  “You ignored me and abused me for much too long!”  The grip on the heart became stronger in between words.   “You...” Id looked for a good word to use.  “You condemned me to a life in isolation and solitude for the rest of our life.  Who wouldn’t lash out to their abuser?”  Id laughed.  “Now I have your mind in my control.  who says that all of these events have actually happened the way you remember them, really?”  Abruptly Terra was transported to the night of her husband’s murder.


    Terra came home from the library to find her husband yelling at her from the bedroom.  She knew that the safest thing to do was to go to where he was.  She put down all of her things and timidly walked the stairs knowing her fate.  

    When she got upstairs, she saw her shirtless husband turned away from her looking out the window.  “Where were you?” He demanded.

    “The library...” Terra admitted.

    “Really now?”  He played with his words.  


    “I should strangle you where you stand,” he paused, “but I really don’t have the energy in me to do such a thing.

    Terra silently siged.

    “But that doesn’t mean I don’t have enough energy to do much worse.”  He turned to her and slammed her head against the wall.  This mistake made something ‘click’ inside of Terra’s head.

    “Oh honey, you really shouldn’t have done that,” she boasted.

    Shocked but enraged, her husband screamed, “What bitch?!”  As his hand came down to strike her, Terra caught the hand and pushed him at first against the wall and then to the bed.  She quickly got the duct tape from one of the nightstands near the bed that her husband used to tie her up with and tied him to the bed.  

    Terra repeated the same exact words she heard Id explain earlier.  How her husband’s actions made her do this and how all of this was her fault.  It was history repeating itself up to the part where she ripped out her husband’s heart infront of his eyes, but something changed.  

     As he looked at his heart slowly lose it’s tempo, he started to change.  His own body drifted in and out of existence until he changed into a new body, Dr. Clyde Brooker’s body to be exact.  

     As Terra moved away in shock, she remembered it was him who she worked with and married and was abused by.   All of these events of the past few days was her own head trying to make peace with itself while Id ran rampant.

     “No,” she whispered. “NO!” She screamed, but Id held her back and laughed in her face.

     “Oh yes!”  Id boasted and cackled.  In front of Terra was now her own body speaking in unison with everyone she’s encountered in the past few days in her head.

     “Oh honey, you seem to be broken!”  It bragged.  “Don’t you want to be fixed?  It’s only natural.”  And as it laughed and laughed, and as Id took even more control over Terra, Terra shriveled up into oblivion, the last words she heard the Id speak to her was:

     “It’s only natural.”    

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