What Lies Behind Unconscious Doors

Dr. Terranova Elbourne was just a normal psychologist until she found her husband brutally murdered by a serial killer. Along with finding the killer, she must also face her own demons that have been tormenting her far before this tragic event.


3. Chapter 3

      Terra sat up from her hospital bed and frantically looked around the room.  Her heartbeat was going faster than she thought was humanly possible.  She couldn’t think straight.  The only constant thought in her head was the thought of her attacker.  Dr. Clyde Brooker walked into the room with two cups of coffee but hastily put the down and went to assist in calming Terra down.  

    “It’s alright,”  He whispered as he carefully put his hand on her back.  She at first flinched but as she calmed down, she accepted the offer.  After a few minutes, she calmed down enough for Clyde to ask, “What happened in your dream?”

    “It’s nothing really...”  She admitted.  “Just a normal Wednesday night...”  She became disconnected, almost on purpose to escape the pain.  

    Dr. Brooker had nothing to say but, “It’s all over now.”  He wrapped her gently in her arms to comfort her.  She accepted the offer.  He let go and got the two cups of coffee.  “I hope you like it.  I wasn’t sure what you liked.”  He smiled and gave her one of the cups.  She smiled and sat up from her bed, taking the cup of coffee.  She then proceeded to drink it.

    “It’s good,” she admitted, “Thanks.”  They both drank their coffee in silence until Terra spoke once more, “So when will I be getting out of this hospital?”

    “That’s... Well...”  He shook his head, “You’re going to have to be cleared with the hospital’s shrink who should be here soon...”  He looked up to the clock on the wall.  10 on the dot a doctor came in.

    “Terranova, correct?”  The woman asked.  “Hello, I’m Doctor Dominique Lestrange.”  She smiled and went to shake Terra’s hand.  The doctor had a beautiful caramel skin and light brown eyes that reminded Terra of Mother Earth.  The doctor’s straight black hair was pushed back by a black headband.  She wore a white lab coat, a pretty purple blouse and a black pencil skirt that extended to her knees.  Her black high heels clicked as she walked.  As the doctor let go of her grasp of Terra’s hand, she looked over to Dr. Clyde Brooker.  “Why hello Clyde.  I didn’t know you were here!”  They both smiled.

    “I didn’t know you worked here,”  Clyde admitted.  “If I did, I would have caught up with you over a cup of tea.”  They laughed a little.  

    “We can catch up a little later, but for now I need to talk to Terranova here,”  She tilted her head slightly, “In private.”  

    “Alright, alright,” he got up, “I’ll see you both later.”  He left from the room and Doctor Lestrange sat in the chair he was sitting in.

    “So Terra, can you tell me what’s happened since you got home yesterday,” the doctor proceeded.  

    “I got home and... I found him... Like that...”  She struggled for words, “I was in the car with Dr. Brooker and that’s the last thing I remember until I woke up again early this morning.  It was pouring outside.”

    “You’re doing well,” the doctor grasped Terra’s hand softly, “Did you have any dreams that you can remember?”

    “Uh... No... Not that I remember,”  Terra lied.  She remembered every single dream she had since her husband’s murder, but she wanted to keep them hidden.  

    “I know this is hard for you,” Dr. Lestrange said.  “Tell me, how do you think you’re handling all of these events?”  

    “Pretty well, in all honesty,” Terra bluntly acknowledged.  She took a sip of her coffee.  

    “No nightmares or anything bothering you?”  Dr. Lestrange asked.  

    “None at all,”  Terranova remarked.

    “Well I guess that concludes our meeting,” the doctor said with a smile and again shook Terra’s hand.

     “That’s it?”  Terra asked skeptically.

     “Yup, that’s it.  I just have to make sure you’re nothing going to harm yourself or others,” the doctor frankly put it.  

     “Thanks,” Terra shyly smiled.

     “It’s no problem,”  The doctor got up from her chair, “If you need anything, you may always ask the nurses to come and get me.”  

    As the doctor started to walk out the door, Terra abruptly asked, “So when will I be discharged?”  

    “Hopefully by noon if you’re lucky.  I just have to do some paperwork and you’ll be out in no time,” the doctor said but then Dr. Jace Andrews, William and Clyde entered the room with grim  and concerned looks on their face.

    “That may be a problem...”  Dr. Andrews began.

    “Why?”  Terra quickly asked with fear and concern in her own eyes.  “What’s happened?”

    “I would like to ask the same,”  Dr. Andrews said.  “I was reviewing your scans since the night you came in was pretty busy and I founds some anomalies I didn’t quite catch.”  He took a folder he had hidden under his arm and took out x-ray photographs of Terra’s brain and put them up to the light.  With a pen from his jacket, Dr. Andrews pointed out the anomalies.  “Do you see these?”  He pointed to marks on the skull.  “Do you know what these are?”  Terra turned her head away knowing the answer.  “These are healed skull fractures.  Almost all of these fractures have occurred in the past year.  So tell me, who did this to you and don’t tell me it’s because you fell.”  

    Terra closed her eyes.  “You know who.”  She spit out.

    “You have to tell me exactly who,” William came to Terra’s bedside and held her hand.  “It’s ok.  We’ll do everything we can to protect you.”

    “It was Tim ok?!”  She snapped.  “He was the one doing this to me!  He’s been abusing me ever since the start and I’ve never done a thing.  I couldn’t.  I was too scared.”  She closed her eyes in her own disgust.  “I was a coward for not doing anything.”  

    “That’s all I needed to hear,”  Dr. Andrews said.  “Dr. Lestrange, Dr. Brooker.  May I have a word with you two?”  The doctors nodded and left with Dr. Andrews outside.

    “So I guess I’m the prime suspect now?”  Terra opened her eyes and laid back, looking to the ceiling.  

    “Not necessarily,”  William claimed.  “The coroner puts the time of death as in between noon and 4 P.M. when you were at work.  We checked with your secretary, of course.”  They both gave a weary smile.  “We’re going to catch this murderer,” the detective took Terra’s hand, “It’ll all be ok.”  

     “Well I have some good news and bad news,” Dr. Andrews bursted in with Clyde and Dominique following behind.  Jace quickly let go of Terra’s hand.  “The good news is that you don’t seem to be suffering from any illness mentally or physically.”

     “And the bad news?”  Terra was curious.

     “We want to observe you for a few short days to make sure you are in fact...”  Dr. Andrews looked for the words.

     “To make sure you’re perfectly healthy in every way,” Dr. Lestrange finished Dr Andrew’s statement.  “It is completely optional and-”

     “So you want to check me into a mental hospital?”  Terra questioned with disbelief.  

     “Well...” The doctors started.

     “No!”  Terra ripped the IV from her arm and got up from her bed.  “I will not be labeled crazy just for you all to ‘make sure’ I’m sane!”  

     William grabbed her hand and pulled her back.  He took her by the shoulders and looked into her eyes, “No one is calling you crazy.  It’s just we want you to be safe.”

     “I could loose my career if this got out!”  Hate filled her mind.  “Now if you excuse me, I’m going to discharge myself.”  

     She took her clothes from the chair and pushed the doctors out of the way to exit the room.  Clyde followed behind her.  “Where will you go?”

     “What?”  She turned around.

     “Where do you have to stay?”  Dr. Brooker posed the question.  “Earlier you told me that you have nowhere to go.”

     “I could always stay at a hotel or something,” She turned back around.

     “That’s not safe!  There’s still a murderer out there!”  Concern was in Clyde’s voice.

     Terra smiled in disbelief, “I honestly don’t care.”  She once again turned around. “Not one bit.”  She stepped toward Clyde.  “That murderer  can do whatever he wants because I don’t care.  That’s his problem, not mine.”  Terra was only a few inches from Clyde but looked up and straight into his eyes.  

     “And that’s what I’m afraid of,”  Clyde admitted.  “Please, if you’re not going to be observed in a hospital, at least stay at my place where you’re safe.”  

     She considered the idea more than she had previously, her smiled wiped away.  “Fine.”  She let out.  “But first let me change my clothes.”  She stormed back into her hospital room and into the bathroom to change into her normal clothes.  Clyde stood there with a smug smile.


    Terra was discharged by noon and Dr. Clyde Brooker decided to take Terra out to lunch at his favorite mexican restaurant.  It wasn’t anything fancy, but it had a very authentic feel.  

    “I used to come here often,”  Clyde explained as they sat down at a table inside, “But I got too busy with work.”  

    “What can I get you two for drinks?”  The waitress asked as she put down menus and took out a notepad to take their orders.  She was pretty young, 20 at the most.  She had black wavy hair that extended to her shoulders and dark brown skin that complimented her beautiful smile.  She wore a plain uniform, a white polo shirt, black jeans and a black apron.  

    “I would like a hot green tea please.”  Dr. Brooker said with a smile.

    “Just a water, please,”  Terra shyly smiled.

    “One hot green tea and one water coming right up!”  The waitress smiled and left.  

    “So you seemed to know a lot of people from the hospital,”  Terra started the conversation.

    “I’ve worked with many of them,”  Clyde explained, “Dr. Andrews, Dr. Lestrange and I have worked on many experiments together.”

    “What kind of experiments?”  Terra inquired.  Before Clyde could give an answer, the waitress came back with their drinks.  

    “Would you like some more time to pick out something to eat?”  The young waitress asked.  Terra looked at her name tag;  It said ‘Clary’.

    “Yes, please,”  Clyde answered.

    “Ok then!  I’ll be back in a few minutes!”  Clary enthusiastically exclaimed.  Clyde and Terra both gave a slight smile as she walked off.  

    “So tell me about your work before you became a psychotherapist,”  Dr. Brooker changed the subject.

    “Well...  Most of it was just theories, really.  I was a poor example of an experimental psychologist because I never did any of my own experiments.  All I did was take basic human behaviors and analyzed them using other theories and experiments...”  Terra let out a pathetic laugh.  “The only time I actually did my own experiment was with Tim...”

    “What kind of theories did you create based off of human behavior?”  Dr. Brooker asked her.  

    “One that I’ve been secretly working on for a while is based on Freud’s theory of the conscious and unconscious minds.  I am working on how our subconscious desires and needs are leaked into our behaviors;  These subconscious desires and needs are the desires and needs to have more of everything;  Power, money, sex; The list goes on.”  She explained.

    “The Id, you mean?”  Clyde clarified.

    “Yes,”  Terra replied.  “According to my theory, our behaviors can be subconsciously driven by the Id.  I theorize that these behaviors can be seen and studied.  Of course these behaviors vary from person to person, but if I can pinpoint these behaviors, I believe that it may be possible to pinpoint the Id as well and study it.”  

    Dr. Brooker seemed intrigued by Terra’s theory.  “Quite a theory.  How far are you willing to go to be able to observe the Id in pure form?”  

    “I don’t have to go far at all.  The Id shows its true form all the time.  Our murderer is a prime example of the Id’s need for blood.”  Terra smirked and picked up the menu finally.  Dr. Brooker looked through the menu as well.  

    When the waiter arrived, Clyde ordered a steak burrito while Terra ordered a chicken enchilada.  The two made small talk with talk of theories in the field of psychology.    

    “I must insist, I should pay for at least half,”  Terra insisted as Clyde took out his wallet to pay for the meal.  

    “No, no.  It’s alright.  I already took out my wallet,”  Clyde said and smiled as he took out cash to pay for the meal.  Terra had no more energy to resist his kind actions.  

    “Alright, alright,”  Terra raised her arm and sat back in her chair in a joking manner.  They both laughed a bit.

    “You know,”  Dr. Brooker started, “You can tell a lot about a person by how they tip a waiter.  If they tip less than 15%, they have no regard for people that are under their own status.  People who tip at 15% are just normal people and people who tip over 15% are charitable and put the needs of others over their own.”

    “Where do you lie on the spectrum?”  Terra asked.

    “Since I know of this little tell-tale sign, I am exempt from it.  But if I had to choose,”  He pauses to put the money on the tray, “I would say I am a charitable person.”  He handed the tray to the waitress.  

    A few minutes later the waitress comes back, “Thank you for the generous tip.”  Clyde signs the receipt and stands up to leave.  Terra, with an odd look on her face, stands up and leaves with him.  



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