What Lies Behind Unconscious Doors

Dr. Terranova Elbourne was just a normal psychologist until she found her husband brutally murdered by a serial killer. Along with finding the killer, she must also face her own demons that have been tormenting her far before this tragic event.


2. Chapter 2


     The next thing Terra remembered was waking up to an intense light.  She blinked to try to put the picture into focus.  Above her were men and women in scrubs and white lab coats wheeling her in.  She was too disoriented to hear what they were saying.  She crept in and out of consciousness until she finally gave up. 


    A loud laugh filled her mind “Ahaha!” it boasted.  “Ahaha!”  

    She looked around to see that she was in a large room.  Although she stood on her feet, her wrists and ankles were in chains that were connected to the ground.  She tried desperately to get out.

    “Oh, honey.  You won’t get out of those.”  The voice proclaimed and laughed a little.  “You’re fun to play with, you know that right?”

    “Who are you!?”  Terra yelled.

    “Oh?” The voice pretended to be shocked.  “Oh don’t tell me you forgot!”  

    “I said,” Terra became angered, “Who are you?!”  She roared.

    “Be nice, honey.  We don’t want you getting... hurt.”  In an instant Terra felt something cut her wrist.  “Oh you are too much fun.”  The laugh bragged.  Terra fell to the ground.


    Terra sat up in shock to the nightmare.  Her heartbeat felt like it was going five times faster than it should have.  She looked around the room frantically for any sign of where she was.  Nurses and a doctor tried to calm her down.  William, who was next to her before, also tried to calm her down.  She began to relax after she realized she was in a hospital bed.  She had a hospital gown and a robe on to cover her from the cold night.  She layed back down and took deep breaths.  The doctor talked to William outside of the room while a nurse took Terra’s vitals. Right when the nurse was done, the detective and doctor came back inside.  The doctor motioned to the nurse to leave.  

    “Hi.  I’m Dr. Jace Andrews.  I’m your doctor for the time being.”  The doctor introduced himself.  He was around 50 at the least.  He had gray hair but some of his original brown hair remained.  He, like all other doctors, wore a white lab coat, and had on black slacks, and a button-up shirt with a green tie.  “Do you remember anything before the attack?”  

    “Wh- What attack?”  Terra became confused.

    “Uh...”  The detective started, “You had a panic attack and...”

    “I WHAT?”  Terra once again sat up.  The doctor asked her to lay back down as William rested his hand on her shoulder from where he was sitting to try to calm her down.  “I mean...” she sat back, “I wasn’t expecting a... panic attack.  ”

    “It’s ok to feel that way.”  The doctor reassured her, “It’s only natural.”  He smiled and asked once again what she remembered.    

    “Uh...  Not much.”  She responded.  “I remember getting in the car with Dr. Clyde Brooker and then... It started to get hard to breath so I got out of the car...”  She sighed and looked down,  “That’s all I remember...  I’m sorry.”  

    “You’re doing excellent,”  He smiled to both the detective and Terra.  “If you need anything, you may ask.”  He left after he spoke.  

     The detective turned to Terra to ask more questions but she answered with, “I really don’t remember anything else.  Ask Dr. Clyde Brooker.  Isn’t he the one that took me here?”  

     The detective was about to speak when Dr. Clyde Brooker walked in.  The detective stood up to greet him in a sort of formal manor.  “I would like to talk to Terra, if that’s ok with you,”  Dr. Clyde Brooker insisted.  The detective silently nodded and walked out, closing the door behind him.  

     Dr. Clyde Brooker sat in the seat that William was sitting in but moved it slightly closer.  

     “I’m sorry for all the trouble I’m causing for you Dr. Clyde Brooker...”  Terra apologized.

     “Oh no, it’s perfectly fine,”  He smiled, “And there’s no need to be so formal.  Clyde is perfectly fine with me.”

     “Alright... Clyde,”  Terra adjusted in her seat, “What did happen after I passed out?”

     “I drove you to the hospital,”  Clyde plainly admitted, “And the doctors and nurses helped you.  They took a few scans and blood work just to be sure that it wasn’t caused by a brain abnormality.  It came out normal if you’re wondering.”  Terra looked down to her wrist to see an IV.  She gently scratched at it.  

     “Thanks... For everything... Again...” She smiled in a modest way.

     “It’s my pleasure,” Clyde responded with a smirk.  “Now get your sleep, you need rest.”  Clyde walked out of the room and shut the door.  Terra rested her head and went to sleep.


    “Oh honey you’re good!” The voice boasted again,  “I could use you, you know.”  Terra found herself in the same predicament she was in in the previous nightmare.  

    “Who are you?!”  Terra exclaimed.  Fear started to huddle into her earthly brown eyes.  

    “Hahaha!”  The voice exasperated.  “I’m... Well... To put it as it is, I’m going to use you for my own benefit.  You can try telling people about me, but no one will ever believe you.”  The cackle ensued.

    “Why?”  Terra let out in desperation.  “Why?!”

    “Because... Well, you’ll find out sooner or later.”


    Terra awoke from the nightmare much more calmly than she did the previous one.  She looked to her side to see Dr. Clyde Brooker at her side sleeping.  To the other side of her she saw the night sky covered in rain clouds.  Rain poured from the clouds as if it was some sort of omen.  Terra yawned which seemed to wake up Clyde.

     “It’s nice to see you’ve gotten some sleep,” the tired doctor proceeded to say.  He sat up in his chair and rubbed his face.

     “I wish I could say the same for you,”  Terra uttered in her own lack of sleep and slightly sat up.

     “Well, I just wanted to make sure you wouldn’t have any more attacks.”  He reevaluated what he said and quickly followed up with, “Not that I or anyone else would expect you to have another attack.”

     Terra let out a small laugh.  “It’s ok.  But you should really be going home and getting some sleep.  Doctor’s orders”  

     “I don’t take kindly to being ordered around, doctor,”  He jokingly insisted.

     “No, but I’m serious.  I really don’t want you to lose sleep because of me,”  Terra urged in a convincing manner.  

     “You’re not going to get me to leave no matter what you say,”  Clyde said as he sat back into his chair looking up to the ceiling.  

     “Tell me,”  Terra started, “Why do you insist to be around me all the time?  What’s so fascinating about me?”  

    Clyde smiled wider, “It’s something about you, something that I can’t put my finger on.”  He looked into her eyes, “It’s something in your eyes.  There’s something about them that I’ve never seen in my life.”  Terra looked away and to the ground, but smiled shyly.  “I didn’t mean it like that,” Clyde insisted and chuckled softly in response.  “I meant it like...”  He took a small pause, “I have nothing.”  They both laughed a little.   

    “It’s alright.  I get what you mean,”  She explained.  She became increasingly tired, an indicator was yawning once again.

    “You need sleep,” Clyde repeated.  Terra had no objections and fell right back to sleep.


    “Oh honey!  Honey!”  Terra opened her eyes to be cowering in the corner of her walk-in closet of her house.  She was frantically trying to withhold her breath so that he wouldn’t hear her.  “I can keep this up all night, honey,” his words were twisted.  “You fucking bitch!” He howled.  “I’M GOING TO FUCKING CUT YOU, YOU BITCH!”  She could hear a large crash not too far from where she was.  She started to whimper but held it in.

    “Oh, honey.  I’m not going to hurt you...”  He proceed to say.  “Not enough to kill you, at least.”  His demented laugh echoed throughout the whole house.  She couldn’t take it anymore, but something inside her told her to stay put.  

     “Oh, honey!”  The closet door open up.  As the light shone in from the source, Terra could see the man’s shadow be cast on the ground and wall opposite to him.  “You do love this closet, don’t you?”  He cackled.  Terra closed her eyes.  She had false hope that the rack of shirts she was hiding behind would be enough to keep her hidden from sight.  She didn’t hear another word until...

     The shirts all whipped from the rack.  Terra opened her eyes and looked up in fear.  She could see a man in a tan short sleeve button up shirt with jeans and brown shoes towering over her with a huge butcher knife in his right hand.  His curly hair gave the illusion that there were horns sticking from his head.  His face was demented and distorted.  “We’re going to have so much fun.”  

     He grabbed her arm and threw her into the bedroom.  As she struggled to get up, he took her by the hair and tossed her onto the bed and tied her to the posts of the backboard of the bed with ductape.  Terra kicked and screamed as much as she could.  The man grabbed her face.  With his twisted smile he made known, “If you struggle...”  Terra stopped squirming, “I will take this knife...  And cut your insides.”  He ripped her blouse and glided the knife down her belly.  

     “It’s ok to feel what you feel,” he contemplated, “It’s only natural.”  With a loud and boastful chuckle Terra shut her eyes to face her inevitable fate.


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