It was just a normal day... or at least I thought it was. It all happened at school. Read to find out my story.
Aumber- Long wavy brown hair, dark chocolate brown eyes, short, and girly. (She is originally British she moved here when her parents died and she now lives with her parents best friend.)
Raven- Medium curly pitch black hair, soft brown eyes, tall, and part girly part tom-boys. (Hispanic sweet but don't get on her bad side.)
Oliver- #2 haircut, blond hair, sea blue eyes, and super tall. ( The guy every girl wants to date. Super flirty and romantic.)


11. This is going to be fun

Harry's POV

We started eating lunch when Aumber just stood up. We all looked at her and she started walking towards Edward Jefferson who was pushing Raven up against a wall. My eye's widened when I saw that Aumber just now punched him square in the nose then pushed him into the trash cans. A roar of "Ohhh's" filled the cafeteria. I guess he's not the big tough guy anymore! "Don't ever, touch her again!" She spat at him. I ran over to get her ,because, well, she about beat the shit out of him. I pulled her back to the table and all the guys started blabbering. "What the fuck Aumber! I guess you don't need training!" Niall said happily. "Phhfftt. That was just luck, I don't think a GIRL can do that again. I mean boy's are stronger." Zayn explained. Aumber turned to Zayn and said "Okay Zayn fucking Malik *stands up* you wanna go there! I am not in the fucking mood today. Louis threw water on me this morning, and my best friend almost just got abused and bullied... And maybe later on raped! I will beat the shit out of you." "Okay, okay, everybody calm down!" Liam pronounced. " I bet you wouldn't lay a hand on me." Zayn challenged. "Try me." Aumber said then stormed off. "Um... I'll get her." I said. I ran after her, but she was in the lady's bathroom. "Shit." I quesed (or cursed).

Niall's POV

"Um... I'll get her." Harry then ran after her. "I was just getting her up this morning!" Louis defended himself. "Yeah um. I think you and Zayn just pissed her off..." They both looked down. "Oh and um. I'm going to get someone after school. Since the boss said we each make one kidnape I found mine." I said and smirked evily. "This is going to be fun." Liam said.


Authors Note

Ayo my dandelions! I know it's been forever but I just wanted to give you something to read! Please check out my newest movella 'The Bachelorrete' now I need a person that will be the main star of the movella! So if you want to star in it just go and do you're stuff! I don't know when I'm going to add the first chapter of it but when I do I will set it on there! But first I need a star and sorry but I'm going to be mean 20 reads! I know I'm mean :D. well keep on reading. Bye Dandelions!

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