It was just a normal day... or at least I thought it was. It all happened at school. Read to find out my story.
Aumber- Long wavy brown hair, dark chocolate brown eyes, short, and girly. (She is originally British she moved here when her parents died and she now lives with her parents best friend.)
Raven- Medium curly pitch black hair, soft brown eyes, tall, and part girly part tom-boys. (Hispanic sweet but don't get on her bad side.)
Oliver- #2 haircut, blond hair, sea blue eyes, and super tall. ( The guy every girl wants to date. Super flirty and romantic.)


12. No I am NOT in love

Zayn's POV:

"This is going to be fun." Liam said to all of us I looked around for who I would get to trust me, so I can get them. Then I spotted a girl. She looked like she didn't have a care in the world. She was... free. The way her red hair was flying back when she walked. "Woah." Was all I could say. Then the rest of the guys at the table looked at the direction I was looking. Then their jaws dropped. "Aye! She's mine." I called. I stood up and walked to where she sat down. I slid my hands in my pocket and put on my best grin. She looked up at me. This will be EASY! "What do you want ass-whole?" She asked. All her friends giggled. "Well I want you babe." I smirked. "Is that you're best pick-up line you got? That's one of the oldest one's in the book." She walked over to a nerd took the book that he was reading then handed it to me. "What the fuck? 'How To Impress A Girl' " I asked. "Yeah I think you might need it." Her friends all started laughing out loud. I looked back only to see that my friends are laughing as well... Ass-wholes. "Well how about I read this book and you go on a date with me?" I asked her. She thought a minute "Deal. But I will ask that nerd some questions about the book then ask you." I smirked, and gave her a piece of paper with my number on it. "Oh yeah and the name is Zayn." And with that I walked off back to my table. "Dude you just got owned!" Niall said. I rolled my eyes and lent back in my chair. "Zayn's In LOVE!" Liam whispered yelled. "No I am NOT in love!"

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