It was just a normal day... or at least I thought it was. It all happened at school. Read to find out my story.
Aumber- Long wavy brown hair, dark chocolate brown eyes, short, and girly. (She is originally British she moved here when her parents died and she now lives with her parents best friend.)
Raven- Medium curly pitch black hair, soft brown eyes, tall, and part girly part tom-boys. (Hispanic sweet but don't get on her bad side.)
Oliver- #2 haircut, blond hair, sea blue eyes, and super tall. ( The guy every girl wants to date. Super flirty and romantic.)


9. Don't Ever Touch Her

Aumber's POV


"Good." I strutted inside and walked up to my room it was 12 'o clock at night so I decided to get ready. "Can you be my Nightingale, feel so close I know you're there." I sang. A tear strolled down my face, that's the song I sang to my parents before they died. I climbed into bed and drifted to sleep... "WAKE THE HELL UP AUMBER!" "Mmmmmm." Then suddenly I felt cold water all over my body. "WHAT THE FUCK!" I screamed. I wiped the water off my eyes so I could get a look at who it was. It was Louis Fucking Tomlinson! "Oh ohhhhhhh you're gonna pay you're gonna pay alright!" he got wide eyed and ran off. "Grrr..." I air strangled him in my mind and started getting ready. I wore a white flowy knee high dress with a brown bed and some cowgirl boots. I got my curly hair and blow dried since that twat got it wet, scrubbed my teeth, and then brushed through my hair. " Ready!" I yelled. I go down and everybody was ready "What took you so long?" Lou asked "You, you fucking dope!" I smart elected him. "Remember only talk and hang out around us, I already talked to you're friends." Harry said. It took every ounce in me not to go and strangle him. I took a deep breathe and huffed it out.

*At school*

"I have all morning off so I don't get classes 'till after lunch." I said, they all looked at me and Niall said "Okay." Unsurely. For the rest of the morning I decided to read my all-time favorite novel 'Romeo and Juliet'. *Ring ring ring* "Well that's the bell!" I bookmarked my place in my book  and walked of to lunch. I sat down next to Harry and started munching on my bag of 'Doritos' and sipped my Dr. Pepper. When I turn around Edward Jefferson pushed Raven against the wall. I lost it I jerked up and marched over to him and punched him square in the nose. Raven just looked at me astonished, confused, scared, you name it. I pushed him towards the trash can and said "Don't ever touch her."

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