It was just a normal day... or at least I thought it was. It all happened at school. Read to find out my story.
Aumber- Long wavy brown hair, dark chocolate brown eyes, short, and girly. (She is originally British she moved here when her parents died and she now lives with her parents best friend.)
Raven- Medium curly pitch black hair, soft brown eyes, tall, and part girly part tom-boys. (Hispanic sweet but don't get on her bad side.)
Oliver- #2 haircut, blond hair, sea blue eyes, and super tall. ( The guy every girl wants to date. Super flirty and romantic.)


3. Authors Note

Okay so I have been spending a lot of time on this movella and if my readers could get even more readers that would be great! Well I thought of a name for you all... kittens!!! Well yeperdoodles... Oh and by the way I'm pretty proud of this movella. Well bye my kittens I might update later or tomorrow.


Xx Destinee

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