Evil Twin, Secret Relationship and Life Changing Decisions

Madison (abusive sis) and Mikayla (victim) live together after both parents died. Mikayla is an 19 year old who fell in love with Harry Styles. But getting closer to Harry might get her even closer to somebody else in the band. But Madison will make sure things won't get too far. Read to find out what will happen!


4. Speechless

Niall's POV:

It's been about 4 hours since Harry found this girl and he looks really worried about her. Have they met before? Do they have this secret relationship that the guys and I don't know about? Well all I can really saw is that her bruises are going away quickly thanks to the doctor's medicine. She looked really pretty... Do I like her now???? 

Mikayla's POV:

"mmmm.." I had a huge head-ache when I woke up but I found myself inside a flat. "Hi umm I don't know if you recognize me or what happened in the last few hours?" "Hey.... Harry!!!! Um yeah I remember you why would I ever forget you and where am I?" "Your in Niall's flat" WAIT DID HE SAY I WAS IN NIALL'S FLAT!!!! OMG A DIRECTIONER'S DREAM COME TRUE!! Stay cool. " Oh... really?" "Yeah :)" 

Niall's POV:

"Hi um your welcome to stay as long as you like but is there anything you need right now?" "Yeah I was wondering if you can drive me to the nearest service station?" "Sure" "Okay let me go get ready then" "All right"

Harry's POV: 

I got so jealous when Niall offered to drive her somewhere and she said yes. Stay calm Harold Niall doesn't even like her or barely know her. Besides its only a ride to a station nothing will go wrong... Hopefully!

~~~~~*Minutes Later*~~~~~

(Still Harry's POV)

She walked out of the restroom with a beautiful dress on. She looks like a model but I want to get to know her first. 

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