Evil Twin, Secret Relationship and Life Changing Decisions

Madison (abusive sis) and Mikayla (victim) live together after both parents died. Mikayla is an 19 year old who fell in love with Harry Styles. But getting closer to Harry might get her even closer to somebody else in the band. But Madison will make sure things won't get too far. Read to find out what will happen!


3. Revenge

Mikayla's POV:

I didn't know where to go last night... I felt lonely and afraid. I left the neighborhood and limped away. I couldn't walk anymore. I passed out and all I remember seeing was some black Converse shoes...

Harry's POV:

I was sneaking out of the building for some fresh air when I saw someone on the ground. I ran over to their help when I realized that it was the same girl I saw last night. I didn't know what to do so I just picked her up and brought her back to my flat. She looked horrible!! She had bruised up and it hurt me inside to see that.

Paparazzi's POV:

*SNAP-SNAP* *SNAP-SNAP* "This is priceless Harry Styles brings girl in to have some fun! Wait until they hears about this" *Dialing and calling* "Hello who is this I don't have time for this stupidity" "It's me Robert I have the best story ever!" "Okay get back to my office and we'll discuss about this in further detail. DON'T BE LATE!!" "Yes ma'am!" This is what One Direction will get... Especially Harry!!!! My revenge on him will be easy >:) . 

Harry's POV:

"Guys I need your help. HURRY!" "What is it Ha-" Louis says looking shocked. "Look we need to help her out she is injured an-" "No need to say no more. We got it." "I'll call a doctor"-Liam. "I'll get some ice"-Zayn. "I'll get some more food"-Niall. We all looked at him with a weird face. How would he think about food at a time like this? If only they knew I liked her or how flawless she is or was. 

Madison's POV:

All I had in the back of my mind was my dumb ass twin. Did she go to the police? Where is she? She didn't show up to work today... which is weird! She loves to work and study. Another thing we disagreed on. I decided to quit my job to find and torture my twin again and make sure she never leaves. 

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