Evil Twin, Secret Relationship and Life Changing Decisions

Madison (abusive sis) and Mikayla (victim) live together after both parents died. Mikayla is an 19 year old who fell in love with Harry Styles. But getting closer to Harry might get her even closer to somebody else in the band. But Madison will make sure things won't get too far. Read to find out what will happen!


6. My Secret

Madison's POV: (Whole Story)

After I left the corner store I went home to try out some of Mikey's clothes, put some makeup to look like her and went to go try get myself a gun of knife or something. My plan was to pretend to be my low life sis and maybe even hurt Neil or Jarry... Wait I mean Herry . Genius right?? Shut up I didn't ask if.... 

~~~~~*Half an hour later*~~~~~

I went to to Hackney East of London the closest place for me to get a gun. Plus I haven't told anyone this but I use to go here when my parents were still here. I told my friends who lived here to kill my parents cos they got on my nerves. And yeah I'm in a gang! Many gangs but you know it doesn't bother me at all that I'm like this. I know I ain't perfect!!! Plus these people are my family they be there for me when ever I need them :'). 


"Yo  guys Tiffany 's back.". They call me that cos I'm they only girl in the gang since I killed Char because she keep talking shit bout me and they said I remind them of Chucky's bride Tiff.. Plus she wasn't the first person I killed. I was 11 and a half when I killed this man when he saw him hanging around here. It felt good :). And by the way I killed my mum and dad when I was 13 so I don't care I'm tough. "Whats up dog? I need a favor and I need your help?"."What you need hommie?"."I need a gun!" "Who you gonna kill now? You killed someone last week." "I don't plan on killing anyone just to scare them or hurt them!" I lied he thinks I've gone to far with this whole killing thing. "Okay hold up...Here you go"."Thanks" I walked off it was nice to see them again but I have something planned for today and I don't wanna kill one of them just because they go in the way of thing.

~~~~~*Another half an hour later*~~~~~

I was ready. I got everything I needed... Mikey get ready for what you deserve >:)... Mwah ha ha  ha ha !!!!

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