Evil Twin, Secret Relationship and Life Changing Decisions

Madison (abusive sis) and Mikayla (victim) live together after both parents died. Mikayla is an 19 year old who fell in love with Harry Styles. But getting closer to Harry might get her even closer to somebody else in the band. But Madison will make sure things won't get too far. Read to find out what will happen!


5. I Finally Found You

Mikayla's POV: 

I walked out of the restroom and I felt everyones eyes on me. It felt weird. I cut off the silence "Shall we go?" "Oh yeah umm lets go"  . When we were walking down the stairs I could hear the screams of fans."We're gonna go through the secret way. It's better and safer to leave this building then going through the front." "Okay" It was so cool to go out with Niall... well not "go out" but well you know  what I mean :) . 

Niall's POV:

When we finally left the building I realized something very obvious. There was a black SUV right behind us which meant only one thing..... THE PAPARAZZI! I felt so stupid! Know their going to think I'm dating Mikayla which isn't that bad but is at the same time!!!!We got to the service station but I had to drop her off because I had to get the press off our trail.

Madison's POV: 

I saw Neil drop off someone at my corner store. Ughhh I hate him so much!! Plus the person he dropped off ha the same dress as my twin does.... interesting ': ). Wait is that Mikey on the cover of this magazine??? "Hey miss are ya gonna pay for this or not your holding up the line?"."yeah hold up" I knew it was her ! Its Mikey!!! Neil dropped her off here...Wait.. She's with that stupid band of hers. I walked up to her and let the family reunion begiin

Mikayla's POV:

"Excuse me Mikayla" I turned around shocked to see my twin here "Ahhh" "Don't run I won't hurt you, in front of everyone here anyway," "What do you want?" "Nothing really, yet,." "Yet?" "Yeah now run along Mikey >:)" I did what she said, but when I was about tho leave I saw the mag... Me on the front cover in Harry's hand... Is that how Maddy knew were I was?

Madison's POV:

I let Mikayla go I have a surprise for her and One Direction too. They'll see... Everyone will see. Mwah ha ha ha ha >:)

Mikayla's POV: 

I was completely shocked that Maddy didn't get me or drag me back home . Why didn't she I was completely venerable at the store??? What does she have planned?

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