Evil Twin, Secret Relationship and Life Changing Decisions

Madison (abusive sis) and Mikayla (victim) live together after both parents died. Mikayla is an 19 year old who fell in love with Harry Styles. But getting closer to Harry might get her even closer to somebody else in the band. But Madison will make sure things won't get too far. Read to find out what will happen!


1. Love At First Sight

Mikayla's POV:

Working at Starbucks is hard work sometimes especially when your annoying twin gets works with you and drinks the costumers' orders. "Excuse me i haven't received my frapaccino yet" "I'm sorry what's your name?" "Eleanor Calder" "Madison do you have Eleanor's order ready?" "Yeah Micky!" I hate it when she calls its so embarrassing! "Here you go.. Eleanor, right?" "Yes and thank you... Madison""No problem" My twin is just...ughhhh!.... wait was that Louis's girlfriend??? Ahhhh!

Madison's POV:

My sister is so easy to bully. Especially when she is talking about that weird group umm wrong direction, dumb infection??.... ohh yeah its called one direction. They live in that building a a few blocks away and she just won't shut up about them!! Thats basically one if the many differences we have. Good thing now is that my shift is over and hers just started...


Harry's POV:

Eleanor came back and forgot my drink she promised me yesterday. So now I'm going to go buy one. But I won't complain because Eleanor has been pregnant  for 5 weeks now and I shouldn't stress her out. Louis is very lucky to have her :) . I walked inside and to order... "Hi my name is Candice how can I help you?" "Yes can I get a White Chocolate Mocha Frapp" "Will that be all for you sir?" "Yes" "Okay your order will be ready soon"

Mikayla's POV:

"Mikayla can you go serve this to the man at table 3 over there I'm a little busy here?" "Sure" When I started to walk over there I noticed who it was ... It was Harry Styles my ultimate crush ever!! "Here you go and don't forget the straw" 

Harry's POV:

All I saw was this beautiful girl serve me my drink. She was flawless with her brown majestic hair and blue eyes. "Ummm thanks ... Mikayla :)" I said with a cheeky shy smile. She started blushing. There was this feeling I couldn't explain but I liked it a lot. I drived home with the thought of her in my mind. She was the one.


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