" I don' t think I can lose him, again Lacey I just can't" " I screw things up when I get him back." "You don't understand how hard it is Lacey." "But, I do, I may have never been through a heartbreak' but I know exactly what it's like to lose somebody out of your life." I say. "Yeah, but it's nothing like that, I just... wanna cry." "I just wanna die... it's hard Lacey.".................


3. The good days....

     ( Lacey's P.O.V)

     I'm happy for Jade, but I've seen what Dustin does to other girls. It starts out good then slowly falls down and there heart is on the floor smashed into tiny little pieces. He's lives close to me and it just kills me, it gets me to the point where I want to smack him in the face. I have before. He won't listen to me though. We've had laughs, but the way he acts is just... stupid really. When I see him talk to Jade on facebook, it's nothing like that at all. He was the sweetest person you could ever meet, but you don't know how he's acting on the outside since it's just a computer. At school today he hugged her and I saw Jade's face it lit up so bright. It seems like she changed him, in a good way, but his friends change him right back. Jade knows not to hang out with him while he's with his friends, because he deserves to hang out with his friends, but never to act like that. Hopefully she won't ever make the mistake and try to do that, she will learn the hard way. 

( Jade's P.O.V)

     In the school hallways I see him, only him like no one else in the room matters, but then I see his friends. He acts like he doesn't even know me or he doesn't even see me. It shouldn't matter if he's with his friends or not. Then he walks away from his friends and invites me to one of his sports games, and I'm suddenly happy again. Man that boy plays with my feelings it's not even funny. But I love Him anyways. Some of his friends actually like me and want me to hang out with Andrew while he's practicing his sports or not. I felt actually that day like I was accepted into his group in a good way I guess. I was so happy. When the practice was over I got up, grabbed my books and left. When I got home I can't go an hour without him saying "Hey babe." or "Hi." or something. It made me feel like I was the most special person in the world. In his eyes he told me that. When I look into his eyes, you can tell if he's joking with me, being sweet, or just being him. I remember when he told me he loved me the way I am. I always deny it because he's probably saying that to make me feel better and it does, but I want it to be the truth but I don't know whether or not to believe him. My foolish heart chooses to believe him. Everyday I can't wait to get up and go to school to see him. 

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