" I don' t think I can lose him, again Lacey I just can't" " I screw things up when I get him back." "You don't understand how hard it is Lacey." "But, I do, I may have never been through a heartbreak' but I know exactly what it's like to lose somebody out of your life." I say. "Yeah, but it's nothing like that, I just... wanna cry." "I just wanna die... it's hard Lacey.".................


2. The beginning of us....

When I got home, I got on facebook and then there he is popping up on facebook talking to me and saying "hey babe." I reply to him and he was soo sweet. He is so cute too with his blonde hair and blue eyes. The first conversation we had ended with an "I love you," and a heart. Why does everybody tell me that he's bad, and I'll regret it, he's so sweet, they just haven't met the real him and everybody seems to be happy for me, but I'm just wondering are they faking smiles, or are they actually happy for me. Or is he hiding something. So many questions I choose to let go just knowing if I asked Dustin something he will turn it into a fight, and I have no intention on fighting with my boyfriend that would be childish. He called me on the phone and talked to me until I fell asleep. One day when he thought I was asleep and I wasn't he whispered through the phone "Sleep tight babe." then hung up. Everything there seemed like a dream. All I ever wanted. Was somebody to treat me right and right now that's what I have.

The next day, I went back to school it was better than yesterday, he gave me a hug.  I keep falling head over heels even more. I know it's not right to fall in love to much because I can't love to much because all that too much hurts so much. I've been told that. It's just once it happens, it happens. No turning back. You can never unlove someone.

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