But You Promised ( Niall Story) <3

Falling in-love with you was a mistake you promised that we would always be together now that iam pregnant you leave me. You say you don't want a child that your career is more important then having a child </3... Now i don't have no one


35. Worries..

A/N : OMFG ''BEST SONG EVER'' THE VIDEO WAS LIKE AHBDHFDHFDFFH AMAZING !!!!!! <3 and sorry i didn't updates my dad was home .....so yeah XD


Ashley P.O.V


We where in the car everyone was silent i looked over at Amber who was sitting in-front with me she looked like something was bothering her so i decided to ask her whats wrong. ''Its nothing forget it'' she said in a bitchy mood. Stacy was still on her phone and Jessica was smiling like an idiot i wouldn't blame her, i was feeling the same when i met Niall.

Soon we where home Amber got out of the car and slammed it looks like shes still mad. I got out of the car with the rest of the girls and walked to the front of the door ''Hurry up ugh!'' yelled Amber at me ''Okay okay i'm going'' i said and ran to the door and got my keys out and opened the door.

Jessica ran inside the house screaming like a 5 year old ''OMG SIVA SIVA SIVA AHHH!!'' she yelled and threw herself at the sofa. ''Okay then'' i said closing the door, Soon Niall came down with Alexander in his arms ''Whats all the yelling and screaming'' he said while walking over to me ''Oh its ju-'' Stacy cut me off ''Hey Niall'' she said while playing with her hair.

Niall just winked at her and she blushed.Bitch. ''Anyways i'm gonna put Alexander in bed and go to bed its been a long night so yeah haha'' i said taking Alexander off of Niall's arms ''Ill be up soon'' said Niall to me and giving me a kiss on the lips i just nodded and went upstairs with Alexander in my arms.

After i was done putting Alexander to bed i was going downstairs until i herd Stacy and Niall talk i deiced to listen. ''Niall your so cheeky when it comes to texting'' said Stacy laughing. So that slut has been texting Niall all day i should've knew well don't i feel stupid. ''Well what can i say i'm romantic when it comes to beautiful girls like you'' Said Niall to her. That's it.

I went downstairs and started clapping my hands ''Awww and what can i say about this!'' i yelled they both looked at me with wide eyes ''Ashley let me explain'' said Niall walking over to me, i slapped him and ran upstairs with tears in my eyes ''And Niall you can sleep in the sofa tonight!"i yelled from upstairs.

I ran into Niall's room and slammed the door shut and threw myself at the bed ''He doesn't love me i have to leave and take Alexander with me'' i whispered to myself. Niall came in and sat on the side i was laying on (left). i turned the other side so my back was facing him ''Ashley plea-'' i cut him off ''I get it Niall i totally get it'' i said as tears started to run down my face.

''Get what?'' he said ''You want to date someone else i totally get it don't worry Niall by tomorrow me and Alexander are gonna be out of your life so you don't have to worry anymore'' i said as more tears came out of me ''No Ashley please don't leave!'' he yelled ''Niall just leave me alone'' i said turning around to face him.

''NO!'' he said and got up and started throwing things everywhere ''NIALL STOP YOUR GONNA WAKE UP ALEXANDER!'' i yelled at him but too late because Alexander started crying ''I can't do this anymore!'' i said and got up and went to Alexander's room.

When i entered Alexander's room he stopped crying i guess hes just tired. i picked him up and walked back to Niall's room. I entered and it looked like a freakin tornado was in here everything was all over the floor the mirror was even broken. Niall was in bed fast asleep i guess he was tired too...........................


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