But You Promised ( Niall Story) <3

Falling in-love with you was a mistake you promised that we would always be together now that iam pregnant you leave me. You say you don't want a child that your career is more important then having a child </3... Now i don't have no one


15. Why Niall !....

Ashley's P.O.V


When i herd the shower turn off i put Niall's phone back on the night stand i sat on the bed like if nothing happened and then Niall came out. ''Hey baby what's up'' he said sitting next to me ''Oh nothing you know just sitting'' i said my voice was sounding funny.

''Love is everything okay?'' ''Oh yes everything's okay you know just sitting here'' i said laying down in the bed ''Ashley tell me'' he said crossing his arms ''Gosh dang it Niall your cheating on me you got a freakin message when you were taking a shower and i went to see who it was and it was a girl named Alexis and she said how happy she is to get her hands on you tomorrow I BET YA''LL ARE GONNA HAVE SEX!'' i yelled at him his face turned from shocked to angry ''You went threw my fuckin messages! WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT AND WHY DO YOU CARE WHAT IAM DOING TOMORROW NIGHT!'' he yelled right back at me.

It felt like knifes cutting threw my heart my mom was right hes just getting on my pants again ''Nia- Nial- Niall why! WHY NIALL'' I said bursting into tears ''Because i wanted too Ashley!''. Alexander started crying ''Go tell that baby too shut up!'' ''Niall hes your son to !'' i yelled back at him i ran to Alex's room and picked him up and went back to My room where Niall's was.

When i walked in Niall had tears in his eyes ''Ashley iam sor-'' i cut him off ''Niall just go i don't want too see you just go'' i said pointing to the door ''Ashle-'' i cut him off again ''JUST GO DON'T YOU GET IT LEAVE GO WITH THAT SLUT GO!'' i said putting Alexander down in my bed and slamming the door.

''SHES BETTER THAN YOU!'' He said throwing all my things on the floor ''NIALL GET THE FUCK OUT!'' i said yelling at him Alexander started crying again i hate seeing my son cry but Niall why is he like this ''SHE HAS BETTER SEX THAN YOU ANYWAYS!'' he said and walking over to Alex and kissing his head.

''DONT TOUCH MY SON'' i said turning him so he can face me and i slapped him He grabbed his cheek were i slapped him and he left the house. 

I started to cry why did i slap him I hate my life so much right now i fell to the floor why me why me. No one will ever understand me and him 





What's gonna happen to Alex?

Is Ashley gonna move on ?

Is Niall gonna take Alexander away from Ashley?

Will Ashley let Niall get near Alexander?????????




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