But You Promised ( Niall Story) <3

Falling in-love with you was a mistake you promised that we would always be together now that iam pregnant you leave me. You say you don't want a child that your career is more important then having a child </3... Now i don't have no one


17. Well Hello There Teresa

Ashley's P.O.V


The next morning i woke up early like around 7:00 a.m to go to work and take Alexander to daycare Niall couldn't take care of him because he had to go too the studio. I deiced to wear bright colors so i wore this (  http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/cute%20outfit ) and i deiced to wear my hair in a bun and i applied a couple of make up and i wore some cream color high heels. When i was done i went to Alexander's room he was awake when he saw me he started to laugh.

''Hai baby'' i said in a childish voice and picked him up and went to his closet picked him out a blue shirt that said ''Daddy's Favorite''  and some ka-ki pants and his little high top white nikes Niall got him. When i was done changing him we went downstairs we went inside the kitchen and i sat him in his baby stool and i made him his milk. 

''Lets go Alex iam gonna be late to work and you have to go to Daycare'' i said while giving him his bottle of milk. I picked up my phone that was on the table i had a message from Niall.

Niall <3 : Hey babe Good morning i was just gonna tell you that the guys came and picked me up so you can the Range Rover with you and give a kiss to Alex for me <3 love you.

''Looks like were not taking the car today Alexander were taking Daddy's YAY!'' i said making him laugh. I grabbed the keys and picked up Alex from his stool and headed for the door. I opened the the back door of the car and put Alexander in his car seat. I shut the door and speed walked to the other side because i was running late to work. 

* Skip car ride :D*

''Were here Alexander'' i said getting out of the truck and walking to Alexander's side and unbuckling him. I grabbed him and the shut the door and started speed walking. When we entered the place there was a Blonde women with green beautiful eyes starting at me she started walking over to me.

''Hello there iam Teresa'' she said sticking out her hand ''Well hello there Teresa i'm Ashley and this is my son Alexander'' ''Ah what a cutie he is he looks so much like his father'' she said making funny faces at Alexander. Wait how does she know he looks like his father? ''Umm excuse me but how do you know he looks like his father and do you know his father?'' i said while looking at Alexander sucking on his thumb.

''His father is Niall Horan of course and well umm... um... oh look at the time i have to go bye bye '' she said and ran off.


Niall's P.O.V

I was in the studio with the boys writing new music when my phone started buzzing it was a text message from Teresa OMG..!

Teresa : Hey Niall boo c; remember me your beautiful Gf that you left back then in Ireland well guess what i'm back and guess who i found at the daycare center ..... (;

i quickly texted back i was angry she better not do anything.

Me : You better not do anything to my son or her ! 

Teresa : Well i wont do anything to them if you give me your body for tonight...

i threw my phone across the room my hands were on my head what am i gonna do Liam came over to me ''Dude what's wrong'' ''Shes back dude Teresa's back'' i said in a shaky voice

Teresa was a girl i dated back then when i wasn't famous she wasn't the sweet or nothing she was bad she would rob stuff she would hit her parents she wouldn't care if she went to jail she even went to jail like 40 times. To be honest i was drunk the first time i met her we had sex and started dating and i really liked her and then i decided to go to the x-factor and become famous and which i did and well i forgot about her i never texted her or nothing. And well at this point forward i regret going out with her and well she always said that if i ever get another gf she would do something to her.....And well i told the boys about her and thats how Liam knows.

''What are you gonna do?'' liam asked while patting my back ''I don't know dude she might do something to them and i don't want any drama Ashley said if there's drama this whole month shes done with me !'' i said in a shaky voice ''Its gonna be alright let me get you home'' ''Thanks man''...............................................................




What's gonna happen next?

Is there gonna be Drama again :O?

Is Ashley gonna find out about Teresa?

Is Teresa gonna hurt Alexander and Ashley?

Is Niall gonna sleep with her :O?

Will Alexander have a normal life?

Will Teresa get what she wants?

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