But You Promised ( Niall Story) <3

Falling in-love with you was a mistake you promised that we would always be together now that iam pregnant you leave me. You say you don't want a child that your career is more important then having a child </3... Now i don't have no one


16. We Fight but were always gonna be together <3

Ashley's P.O.V


When i stopped crying i picked up Alexander and went to knock at my mom's room ''Come in'' she said she was sitting on her bed watching the news ''Hey mom can you take care of Alexander i'm gonna go see a friend'' i said trying to force a smile.

She got up from her bed and walked over to me and took Alexander off my hands ''Let me guess he did use you'' ''Mom not now please i'm done crying for the day!'' i said yelling at her and leaving her room ''I'm always right'' she yelled but i ignored her. I got my keys and drove too Alexis house.

*Skip lame car ride :D <3*

When i arrived to her house i saw a Black Range Rover parked outside her house looks like Niall's here. I got out of my car and knocked on the door Alexis quickly answered when she saw me her face turned from happy to shocked ''Umm hey Ashley what are you doing here?'' she said sounding scared ''I just thought ill come visit you may i come in'' i said smiling at her ''Umm no iam busy'' ''I know Niall's here that's his Range Rover and what your too busy fucking him?'' i yelled at her i pushed her out of the way.

Niall was in the kicthen of course ''Babe who is it?'' he said but when he turned around his face turned red ''WTF ARE YOU DOING HERE!'' he yelled coming over too me ''Hey Nialler i didn't know you were here what a surprise'' i said clapping my hands together like a little girl he grabbed my hand and had it in a grip ''NIALL LET GO OF ME!'' i yelled trying to get out of his grip.

Alexis walked in and her hands went over her mouth ''You see Alexis that's why you shouldn't be with this idiot i made a huge mistake being with him he treats you like a princess but hes a the fuckin devil!'' I screamed and i got out of his grip. She ran over to Niall and kissed him ,tears started forming in my eyes ''Niall we have a son Niall i want to be with you, you don't understand me'' i said falling to the floor in tears.

Niall got on his knees and whispered in my ear ''Ashley i don't think us is going to work out i keep hurting you and i don't want Alexander too get hurt You don't know how much i wish too have a normal family with you but i can't be with you because management won't let me i have too fight with you because they tell me and i do it for my career and they made me find another girl and i think Alexis is the perfect girl for me'' he got up and kept looking at me.

''Niall i can't live without you ! your everything to me you don't know how i wish too wake up next too you without not fighting or spending time with you without arguing or making Alex's cry!'' i said getting closer to him ''Niall i wanna be your last kiss'' i said and smashed are lips together ''I don't *kiss* what management *kiss* says about us'' i was surprised he didn't let go he kept kissing me. 

''I will never understand you 2 NO ONE WILL ya'll fight all the time Niall you make her cry Ashley you slap him and yell at him WHO UNDERSTANDS YALL! and poor Alexander to be living in  a hell !'' Alexis yelled Niall stopped kissing me but his hands were still wrapped around me ''Your right Alexis no one in this stupid world will understand me or her and First of all Alexander doesn't live in a living hell and second of all he has a beautiful mother too keep him forever'' Niall said facing me now tears were forming in my eyes cause of what he said.

''Niall you might be bitchy sometimes but you are a great father even tho you hate it when Alex's cry's'' i said laughing he smiled and pecked my lips.

''To be honest Ya'll always make up and say your sorry's but then the next day Niall does something stupid and ya'll fight and Alexander starts crying cause of your fighting and yelling isn't that funny'' Alexis said laughing like an idiot ''Not everyone gets along in the world you know some couples cheat some couples fight all the time'' i said while resting my head on Niall's chest.

''Yeah but iam like talking WEIRD STUPID COUPLE OVER HERE!'' she said pointing at us ''Niall i'm not even gonna say how you met her'' i said laughing ''Ha i don't know love i think i got hit with a rock or something'' he said we both started laughing ''GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!'' yelled Alexis ''Kk lets go babe'' i said grabbing Niall's hand and walking to the door.

Alexis slammed the door behind us and we started bursting into laughter Niall pulled me closer to him are lips were inches apart i could feel his hot breath ''They don't know about us'' he said and he kissed me <3.................................



Hey guys there gonna be together for a while now cause all they do is fight cx ! <3 



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