But You Promised ( Niall Story) <3

Falling in-love with you was a mistake you promised that we would always be together now that iam pregnant you leave me. You say you don't want a child that your career is more important then having a child </3... Now i don't have no one


30. Time for a little Revenge <3

Stacy's P.O.V

We where all going upstairs when Ashely said she was gonna go talk to Niall we all just nodded. ''Umm girls can i tell ya'll something'' i said looking down at my feet ''Yeah sure anything Stacy'' said Amber patting on the couch making me sit down.

''i kinda like Niall'' i said looking at Amber and Jessica there eyes were Widened ''Please tell me your joking'' said Jessica giving me the are-you-kidding-me look ''I wish i was kidding but i'm not'' ''Stacy Niall's is Ashley's you can't do nothing about that'' said Amber crossing her arms ''Or maybe i can'' i said giving them a devilish look.

''Count us out'' they both said ''What ya'll scared shes gonna find out?'' i said to them ''Kinda... And you can tell Niall really loves Ashley and they even have a kid together Stacy'' said Jessica crossing her arms i flicked both of them off and they just shook there heads and got up and left upstairs.


Ashley's P.O.V

I went upstairs to check in Niall he was pretty pissed off about the concert. When i entered the room Niall was laying in bed he was asleep. I walked over to the side where he was sleeping and i wrapped on arm around him. ''Let me sleep Ashley'' he said while turning his back to face me ''No talk to me!'' i said almost yelling at him.

''Fine ill just go sleep on the couch'' he said and got up and left. 


Niall's P.O.V

While i was making my way downstairs i dumped into Stacy ''Oh sorry love'' i said ''Oh its okay Nialler'' she said giving me a small smile ''i thought you were asleep?'' she said while we walked together downstairs ''Yeah i was but Ashley came in the room and bothered me'' i said looking at her, to be honest Stacy wasn't that bad of looking she was pretty cute but i just wouldn't go out with her.

''Oh....You wanna go get some coffee or something?'' she asked ''Yeah sure let me just get my shoes ill be right back'' i said and went upstairs again. When i got to my room i saw Ashley sitting in my bed her eyes were puffy and red i walked over to her and gave her a hug. ''What's wrong?'' i asked her.

She just looked at me with a hate look ''Oh so now your being Nice to me'' she said ''Babe i'm sorry'' said pulling her into another hug, she wrapped her arms around my neck and her head was on my chest ''I just wanna be in your arms all day'' said looking up at me ''Babe-'' i was cut off by Stacy entering the room ''Umm Niall are we still gonna go get coffee'' said Stacy looking at Ashley.

''Oh yeah i have to go Ash ill be back like in an hour bye babe'' i said giving her a kiss on the lips and walking over to the door.


Ashley's P.O.V

What? he rather go get coffee with Stacy then cuddle with me?? should i be jealous? i herd the front door shut so that meant that they left. A couple of minutes passed and i was laying in bed looking at the ceiling when Amber and Jessica came running into my room or Niall's room. ''Wow guys calm down'' i said as they sat on the bed ''Dude where's Stacy!'' they yelled at me.

''She went to get coffee with Niall why tell me what happen!'' i yelled back at them ''Ummm Stacy kinda likes Niall dude.....DONT TELL HER WE TOLD YOU!'' yelled Jessica at me ''What the fuck? she barely knows Niall and she already likes him!'' i yelled back.  ''yeah... so what are you gonna do?'' they both said at the same time ''Nothing'' i said looking at them they just gave me the are-you-being-stupid-right-now look.

''Umm Ashley we only known you for like 1 or 2 days but i feel like we known you for a long time and i know your gonna do something stupid.'' said Amber crossing her arms ''Maybe girls maybe'' i said giving them a evil look..........looks like its time for some revenge..........


Hey guys i didn't know what to write and i wanted some drama in it c; so there you go!<3


What is gonna be Ashely's Revenge?

Is Niall falling for Stacy?

Is Stacy gonna get Niall?

Is something bad gonna happen when they go to the concert?

why aren't they paying that much attention to Alexander?



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