But You Promised ( Niall Story) <3

Falling in-love with you was a mistake you promised that we would always be together now that iam pregnant you leave me. You say you don't want a child that your career is more important then having a child </3... Now i don't have no one


10. Son and Dad moment <3

Ashley's P.O.V


I woke up by someone repeating my name i opened my eyes and it was my mom ''Morning'' ''Morning mom'' i said ''Hey mom can i hold Alexander'' ''Yeah sure'' she walked over there and picked him up and gave him to me. I couldn't believe i gave birth to this beautiful baby boy ''He has Niall's eyes mom'' ''Yup Ocean Blue eyes'' ''i love you so much'' i said to Alexander and kissing his forehead he giggled.

''Did Niall ever show up?'' i said looking right over at my mom ''No he didn't he said he wasn't even gonna come'' tear were forming in my eyes ''Hey mom can you hold Alex iam gonna text someone'' ''sure'' she cam over and got Alexander off my arms. I picked up my phone and texted Niall 

To Niall: You know what Niall at-least you could come and visit your son! 

he texted back quick.

From Niall : Good idea ill be there in a few c;

Ugh i don't understand him sometimes i wish me and Alexander could just live somewhere happy. I want my son to live a happy life i don't want him having a life were paparazzi will follow him or make up stuff about him how i wish. ''Niall's coming over to see Alex in a bit'' i said tossing my phone on my right side.

''Niall hasn't been the same lately hes been acting weird'' ''Yeah i know mom'' i said while thinking of everything Just then the door open and there was Niall. ''Well look who decided to show up'' said my mom giving Niall an ugly look.

''Iam here to see my son and Ashley'' ''Iam surprised you even came to see me too '' i said crossing my arms ''We will talk about that at home'' what did he mean at home? Is he coming home with me?.

''Now wheres my son'' said Niall and rubbing his arms together ''Over there'' i said point that a small bed. He walked up to it and picked up Alexander. ''He looks just like you'' i said looking at Niall ''Thanks i guess'' he said while making Alexander smile ''What a beautiful son and daddy moment'' i said tearing up if only we were back all together we could make a family. 

''Ash babe we did make a beautiful son'' he said and kissed Alexander's head ''I know we did'' i said smiling at the ground. Right now i don't know what's gonna happen to me and Niall we have are up's and down's i hope we can be a family real soon


************************************************************************************************************************Sorry for the lame chapter >_< !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

what do you think is gonna happen next c: ??????????

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