But You Promised ( Niall Story) <3

Falling in-love with you was a mistake you promised that we would always be together now that iam pregnant you leave me. You say you don't want a child that your career is more important then having a child </3... Now i don't have no one


28. She Walks Like Rihanna?

Ashley's P.O.V


''Umm so ya'll are coming to Dallas with me?'' i said giving them a weak smile but fail ''it looks like you don't want us to come'' said Stacy in a hurt tone ''I do want ya'll to come but i just don't know about the concert'' i said sitting down ''Come on don't worry about Niall now lets go pack girls and Ashley you can help us pack'' said Amber and the other girls leaving the room.

I got up and went to the girls room when i entered they were all jamming out to a song that i kinda started liking ''Who sings that song'' i said looking at them they were all dancing like idiots. ''The wanted silly its called Walks Like Rihanna'' said Jessica tapping the desk. ''Play it again i kinda like it now'' i said  she just nodded and played it again. It went a little like this....

Have you seen that girl, have you seen her
She's the freakiest thing, you gotta need her
You do whatever it takes to get her by your side, woah
It's not the way she smiles, with her little laugh
It's not the way she looks in a photograph
But all the boys they crowd around

She can't sing, she can't dance but who cares
She walks like rihanna
She can't sing, she can't dance but who cares
She walks like rihanna

''Omg i wanna meet Siva hes my dream bf'' said Stacy ''Well i still think its a bad idea if i go'' i said crossing my arms, they all gave me the  you-have-to-chill look ''Come on Ash calm your tit's and your still going cause i didn't waste like $300 on your Vip pass and your ticket'' said Amber ''Okay fine whatever lets just go or we are gonna miss are flight'' i said heading to my room to get my suitcase.

''YAY DALLAS HERE WE COME!'' yelled all the girls we walked out the door and got in the van and headed to the airport. We where in the van for about 10 minutes already all the girls were jamming out to the song again ''Guys can ya'll put another song cause that stupid song is getting on my last nerves!'' i yelled at them they all gave me a scared look.

''Well sorry but were just so excited to meet them!'' they snapped back at me ''Whatever''. 5 minutes passed and we arrived at the airport. ''In about 14 hours we are gonna be in Dallas Tx!'' Yelled Jessica in excitement while we where entering the plane. We all took are seats and waited for the plane to take off. Finally it did and i was going back home.......


''AHHHHHH WHERE HERE DALLAS TEXAS!'' yelled Stacy ''Wow ya'll really need to stop yelling my ears are hurting'' i said while putting my hands over my ears they all just smiled and nodded. ''Now Niall should be around here somewhere'' i said ''Well lest find your bf'' said Amber and they all started walking around.

we were walking but there was no sign of Niall. Until i felt tow pair of arms around me ''I got my Princess back'' i turned around and saw that it was Niall ''NIALL!'' i yelled and smashed my lips onto his ''Hey baby miss me'' he said and put his arms around my neck ''YES! and wheres Alexander!'' i said getting out of his grip ''Oh hes in the car'' when he said those words my eyes widened ''NIALL JAMES HORAN YOU NEVER LEAVE A CHILD OR A BABY IN A CAR ALONE!'' i said running out to the parking lot. 

The girls and Niall were behind me i looked around looking for a black range rover it took me about 5 minutes to spot it. I ran over to it and the windows where open and inside was Louis and Alexander ''ASHLEY LOVE!'' yelled Louis when he saw me he jumped out of the car and gave me a hug ''Louis haven't seen you in a while and the lads'' i said hugging back. ''Yup'' he said popping the 'p'. 

Soon Niall and the girls caught up to me ''Dang Babe you run fast'' said Niall catching his breath ''Oh shut up you gave me a heart attack when you said Alexander was in the car YOU COULD'VE SAID HE WAS WITH LOUIS!'' i yelled at him ''Sorry'' was the only thing he said. I opened the car door and unbuckled Alexander and picked him up.

''Did my baby miss me'' i said making a baby noise ''He did'' said Niall looking up at me i just gave him a death glare. ''Umm are we gonna get introduce or something'' said Jessica making a fake laugh ''OMG i'm sorry Stacy,Jessica and Amber this is Louis and Niall and Niall and Louis this is Stacy,Jessica and Amber they are here because-'' i didn't finish the sentence because Niall didn't know nothing about me going to The Wanted concert.

They gave each-other hugs and said there hello's ''There here because what?'' said Louis gaving me a weird look ''Oh where here because we are going to The Wanted concert in about 5 days'' said Stacy almost screaming in excitement.

I looked over at Niall and Louis there faces were red they didn't look happy at all ''Ashley we are gonna have to talk at home about that'' said Niall getting inside the car ''WHAT EWW WHY! ASHLEY WHAT THE HELL!'' yelled Louis at me ''Louis pleas-'' he cut me off ''No don't talk to me'' he got Alexander off my arms and got inside the car.

''Get in girls'' i said to them they all nodded and got in. Its not gonna be pretty when we get home.............



HELLO LOVES C; sorry i haven't been updating ._.

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