But You Promised ( Niall Story) <3

Falling in-love with you was a mistake you promised that we would always be together now that iam pregnant you leave me. You say you don't want a child that your career is more important then having a child </3... Now i don't have no one


42. Packing

Ashley's P.O.V


''Hello'' said Niall threw the phone ''Hey babe'' i said ''Hey baby miss me already?'' said Niall laughing ''Haha yeah sure Anyways i just wanted you to know that my mom is making me go on a Family Vacation with her and the girls'' i said ''Sounds fun! But i wish i was there..'' said Niall trying to sound sad.

''Yeah i wish you where here babe but you can't let your fans down,Anyways i gotta go because are flight leave at 10 i think or at 9 love you babe bye bye'' i said ''Love you baby girl and Alexander too take care'' He said and hanged up. 

''Well that was easy'' i said to Alexander who was still in my arms ''You didn't tell them ''The Wanted' was coming with us?'' said someone from behind me i turned around and of course it was my mom ''Mom shouldn't you be umm packing instead of being up all in my business?'' i snapped ''I'm done packing my bags are in the car and i came to help the girls pack until i found you talking to Niall..i'm guessing'' she said snapping back.

''Mom stop just stop okay let me handle my own stuff just be happy i'm going on this 'Family Vacation' with you and the girls!'' i said and walked over to the couch ''And the guys from The wanted'' she said singing it and walked upstairs.

About 20 minutes passed and i was still in the couch with Alexander sleeping in my arms i was switching threw the channels when a doorbell rang. I got up and put Alexander in the couch and got up. I opened the front door and the guys from 'The wanted' where all standing there with all there suitcases ''Hey guys come in'' i said moving to the side so they could come in.

''Nice house Ashley'' said Max setting down his bags ''thank-'' i got cut off by Jessica running downstairs running over to Siva ''SIVA BABY!'' she yelled and hugged him. Soon camera started coming into the house to ''Umm guys why are these camera people here...'' i said looking at them.

''Oh yeah you must herd of are Tv show 'The Wanted Life' so there kinda filming us so that means there coming with us'' Said Jay ''Umm okay then but they better not get on my way or Alexander's'' i said walking over to the couch and picking up Alexander.

''Can i carry him!'' said Nathan walking over to me ''Yeah sure'' i handed him Alexander and to be honest Nathan had a huge smile on his face ''I always wanted to be a dad'' he said rocking Alexander back and forth. Nathan would be a perfect dad maybe some day he can be a father.

''Maybe some-'' i got cut off again by Amber and my mom coming ''Oh look the lads are here! I like them better than One Direction'' said my mom laughing and hugging all the boys.Okay then. I gave my mom a death glare and she gave me one back. ''We are better than them'' said Max laughing and high-fiving my mom ''OKAY ANYWAYS WE SHOULD BE GOING!'' i yelled so they could hear i was hearing there conversation.

''Haha okay Ashley i packed your and Alexander's clothes your suitcases are upstairs ill go get them and then we can all leave'' Said my mom clapping her hands and going upstairs. ''Your Mom is cool Ashley'' said Max and Tom i rolled my eyes and looked back at Nathan who was quick asleep with Alexander in the couch they looked kinda cute wait what am i saying?. 

''Okay guys i got the suitcases lets go'' said my mom coming down with mine and Alexander suitcases. I walked over to Nathan and started shaking him ''Nathan,Nathan wake up'' ''I'm up'' he said looking down at Alexander.

''Okay guys lets go!!!!!!!!!! FAMILY VACATION! WOO HOO!'' yelled Jessica. We all left the door with are suitcases and headed to the airpost in are own cars................



Sorry i didn't update and i'm so sorry this chapter is so so so boring don't worry the next chapter is gonna be 10 times better :D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What's gonna happen is the Family Vacation? Drama? Brake ups's??????????????

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