But You Promised ( Niall Story) <3

Falling in-love with you was a mistake you promised that we would always be together now that iam pregnant you leave me. You say you don't want a child that your career is more important then having a child </3... Now i don't have no one


13. Oh Alexander...

Ashley's P.O.V


When we got inside Niall had Alexander in his arms ''Alex's room is upstairs last door to your right'' ''Thanks babe ill be rigth back'' he said and walked off i went inside the kitchen and found my mom sitting down and drinking a cup of tea.

''So your back with him'' she said while taking a sip ''Mom understand were only doing this for Alexander'' wow whats up with this women i know shes my mom but she has to know were only doing this for Alex. ''I'm just saying all he wants is to get back in your pants and get you pregnant and leave'' ''MOM HOW DARE YOU SAY THAT!'' i said tears were streaming down my eyes ''I speak the truth sweetie its for your good'' she said getting up and leaving.

Niall came down stairs he saw me crying and ran over too me ''whats wrong love'' ''M-y my'' he cut me off ''Let's get you to bed your just tired'' he said while grabbing my hand and walking upstairs to my room. When we got there i went over to my closet and got out my Pj's i started changing when i forgot Niall was here.

''I like what iam seeing'' Niall said and started walking over to me, he wrapped his arms around me and i wrapped my arms around his neck ''You know i feel so protective in your arms'' i said and rested my head on his chest ''Now can i have kiss'' he said leaning closer to me ''I guess'' i leaned closer to him and are lips were about to meet until Alexander started crying.

''Oh my god'' Niall said throwing himself at the bed ''Haha ill be right back'' i said heading to Alex's room. When i got there Alexander stopped crying ''Alexander why do you always cry when iam about to kiss your daddy?'' i said picking him up and he started laughing and making noises ''Alex shh your gonna wake daddy and granny up '' when i said that he started making more noise ''That's it Alex iam going to bed'' i said putting him down and kissed his forehead and left his room. 

When i got back to my room i saw Niall shirtless and he was on his boxers ''Iam enjoying my view'' i said walking over too him ''Haha lets go to bed'' he said and grabbed my hand. He laid down and i laid next to him he wrapped his arms around mye and pulled me closer to him ''Now i never got my kiss'' he said with a smirk, i didn't say anything i just smashed my lips onto his ''Don't let go'' i said threw the kissing ''Whatever you say my princess'' he said and winked at me.

We stopped kissing cause we were running out of breath and because we were sleepy.


*2:00 a.m* 

''WAAAA!'' cried Alex. i hit Niall's chest ''Niall go'' i said and he got up and went to go make milk for Alex.


*3:37 a.m* 

''WAAAAA!'' cried Alex again, Niall came over to me a started kissing me ''Your turn love'' he said and stopped ''Why me!'' i said complaining like a 4 year old ''Its your turn cause i went already'' he said crossing his arms ''Ugh whatever babe'' i said getting up and walking to Alex's room.


* 5:56 a.m* 

''WAA!'' ''Niall your turn'' i said tapping his head ''Love i'm tired!'' he said in his sexy morning voice ''Ugh Fine ill get up!'' i said and doing the same thing making milk for Alex............And it went on until morning....



Hey guys i hoped you enjoyed it 

Is Niall gonna stay?

what is management gonna say about this?

Will Niall be able to saty with them?

Well they be a happy FAMILY ????????

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