But You Promised ( Niall Story) <3

Falling in-love with you was a mistake you promised that we would always be together now that iam pregnant you leave me. You say you don't want a child that your career is more important then having a child </3... Now i don't have no one


38. Niall...

Ashley's P.O.V


After i stormed out of the room with Alexander i went downstairs with the girls who where all in the kitchen talking ''Morning girls'' i said walking over to the fridge ''Morning Ashley'' said Jessica with a smile on her face ''Jess can you hold Alexander i'm gonna make him his milk'' i said and she just nodded and i handed her Alexander.

I took out the milk and Alex's bottle and poured the milk into the bottle and put it in the microwave so it could heat a little. ''You don't seem happy Ash what's wrong?'' Jessica asked me ''Niall's going on tour'' i said looking down at me feet, Stacy's head turned to me and she was hearing me and Jessica's conversation.

''But doesn't he have to help you with Alex?'' Jessica said i just nodded and sat down next to Jessica. *BEEP* went the microwave that meant Alexander's bottle was done, i got up and walked over to the microwave and picked up the bottle and gave it to Jessica so she could feed Alexander.

''Soo.. what are you gonna do now .. now that Niall is going on tour?'' Jessica asked me ''Ugh i don't know i wish he could stay i know we fight a lot but couples are like that'' i said looking over at Stacy who was looking at me.

A few minutes passed and Niall came down with his suitcases ''I'm leaving'' he said entering the kitchen ''Awww bye Niall'' said Jessica standing up and handing him Alexander and giving hima quick hug ''bye ill you around Jessica'' said Niall ''Well me and Stacy are gonna give you some time to talk so.. bye'' said Jessica running over to Stacy and grabbing her hand and leaving the kitchen.

I looked down at the floor trying not to look at Niall ''Ash Babe ill be back its only 9 months....'' Said Niall walking over to me. 9 MONTHS?!. ''Niall that's too long'' i said looking into his eyes ''please don't make this harder please i know i know its kinda too long but i'm not gonna be gone for a year okay? i wanna see Alexander grow up but i can't because i have to go on tour'' he said looking down at Alexander.

''So i guess this is goodbye again?'' i said wrapping my arms around him trying not to squish Alexander ''yeah i guess it is now can you walk me to my car'' he said wrapping his free hand around me ''sure'' i said pecking his lips.

i grabbed his suitcases and we headed for the door hand in hand. When we where outside next to his car i looked down at me feet and tears started rolling down my cheek ''Don't cry please babe'' he said wiping away my tears ''I'm sorry Niall but you should be going your plane is about to leave'' i said while taking Alexander off his arms, but Alex started crying ''Shh its okay baby'' i said to Alexander but he started crying more.

Niall saw how stressed i was getting and he took Alexander off my hands and Alexander stopped crying ''I guess he loves you more than me'' i said letting out a small laugh ''He loves us both only i guess hes gonna miss his daddy'' he said while kissing Alex's forehead ''Well i should go now'' he said handing me Alexander again.

''Don't worry Babe ill skype you every night ill call you text you anything just to make sure you and Alex are alright it's gonna kill me not having my Queen and my prince not there with me but i know my Queen is gonna be taking care of my prince for me'' he said getting into his Range Rover.

Tear started rolling down my cheeks ''bye Niall i love you'' i said while looking into his eyes ''I love you too'' he said and smashed his lips with mine it felt wonderful to kiss him i felt firework everywhere i just wanted him to stay here with my forever.

we made out for a couple of minutes until his phone started ringing and we stopped kissing ''its the lads i should go now'' he said and pecked my lips one more time and gave Alexander one last kiss on the forehead. ''I love you babe'' he said and started leaving the driveway. ''I love you too'' i whispered and more tears started rolling down my cheeks.

He waved and i saw his car leave the driveway into the busy streets...................................



Ill make the next chapter longer for ya'll don't worry c: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and can ya'll comment please it would make it a lot better c: <3

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