But You Promised ( Niall Story) <3

Falling in-love with you was a mistake you promised that we would always be together now that iam pregnant you leave me. You say you don't want a child that your career is more important then having a child </3... Now i don't have no one


23. New Life ?

A/N : Sorry i didn't update yesterday i was too busy, Love y'all


Ashley's P.O.V


I was on the plane it was a 14 hour flight my mind kept thinking of Alexander and Niall i can't believe i felt my son i was regretting it now. I took out my phone i had 3 messages they were sent about an hour ago they were from Niall, Dulce and my Mom. I read Niall's first.

Niall <3 : Hey just wanted to tell you have a save flight and me and Alexander are gonna miss you so much love you xx.

and then i read Dulce's

Candy Candy <3 : HEY GURLL! Niall told me you were on your way to New York ! </3 I'm gonna Miss you like crazy. But don't worry i'll be going to New York too to visit you (: STAY SEXY MY CRAZY FRIEND ! <3.

I laughed at her text message  and finally i read my mom's

Mommy : Ashley you have a son who's gonna grow up and his own mother is not gonna be there to see him grow up. Niall's going on tour in a couple of day's we can't stop him because he has to go but no one forced you to get in that plan you forced yourself i'm a shamed of you. You shouldn't of gone but its too late poor Alexander won't see his mom for 2 years who knows maybe never. 

I can't do this no more i just can't i started to cry i can't leave my son hes my everything. ''Excuse me'' i said tapping on some lady's shoulder she turned around ''Yes'' she didn't sound very happy. 

''When is this flight over'' ''13 hours'' she said and walked to help another person. i'm gonna be sitting here for another 13 hours GREAT!. ill just go to sleep.......

*** Skip the 13 hours cx ! ***

''Miss Miss Wake up were here'' someone said to me while shaking me, ''Oh good your awake umm were here in New York'' she said i looked out the window and all i saw were Buildings. ''Oh umm thank you for waking me up'' i said and grabbed my suitcase's.

I got out of the airplane and i saw a man he had a sign hold up and it had my name on it i walked up to him ''Oh you must be Miss.Brook now now there's not time to waste lest go Mr.Josh is waiting for you'' he said and grabbed my suitcase's.

''Umm may i ask what's your name?'' ''Umm i'm Roger and i'm your personnel butler'' He said while opening the door for me  ''Oh that's amazing i get my own butler'' ''Miss. Brook we are wasting time lets go chop chop'' he said while tapping on his watch ''Sorry Roger'' i got in and we drove off.

We arrived in-front of a huge house ''DANG! who lives here Roger?'' i asked while getting out of the car ''Mr.Josh does hes the one who owns the Modeling company'' he took out my suitcase's from trunk. All of sudden a cute guy with Brown hair and ocean blue eyes like Niall's came out. 

''Well hello there you must be Ashley'' he said and kissed my hand i giggled and nodded ''Let me show you around Beautiful'' he said and took my hand but i snapped out of it i wanted to go home i couldn't leave me son.

''Oh ummm Josh i was gonna head back home to Dallas i know it might sound dumb and everything but i have a son that needs me i made a mistake coming here'' i said letting go of his hand ''What no you can't leave at-least spend the night but must be tired'' he said while putting his hand over my shoulder.

''Yeah your right can you show me to my room i have to call someone to'' ''of course'' he gave me a smile and entered the house. I the house was even bigger from inside it had a pool inside it was like a dream house. We went upstairs were my room was ''Here's your room'' he said and opened the door it was a normal room white carpet and walls but the best part was that it had a king bed.

''Thanks'' ''Your welcome and i'm gonna go bring your suitcase's'' he said and left. i took out my phone and called Niall ''Hello?'' he said ''Hey babe its me'' ''Babe! was your flight alright? can you come back home please!" he said his voice sounded weak, i made a huge mistake coming here.

''Niall i am coming home i just need to know when the next flight to Dallas leaves'' i said ''REALLY ?! YESSSS! YOUR COMING HOME! you hear that Alexander your mommy is coming home even tho she left today!'' he said talking to Alexander in the background ''Haha i have to go give a kiss to Alex for me and one for yourself to ill video chat with later love you'' ''Love you to bye'' he said and hanged up.

''Here are your suitcase's'' said josh entering the room with my suitcase's ''Thanks'' i said laying down in bed. ''You know Ashley you don't have to go back home... after you get on that stage and people see you, your never gonna want to leave that stage'' he said doing something with his hands.

''Idk i miss my son and my bf'' i said as a tear rolled down my cheek ''Well tomorrow we are practicing because we have a huge fashion show next week i really hope you stay at-least try'' he said ''fine if i like it i stay'' i said smiling at him, he pulled me into a hug maybe ''Thank you and trust me your gonna love it'' he said while walking out of my room.

***Later that Night***

I was in my room when i herd a knock in my door ''Come in'' i said 3 girls came in ''Hey i'm Stacy'' said a Blonde girl with green eyes ''I'm Jessica'' said another she had brown hair and also brown eyes ''And i'm Amber'' said the last one with blonde hair and blue eyes. I had to say they were all tall and had beautiful body. ''Hai Stacy,Amber and Jessica i'm Ashley'' i said shaking there hands.

We all sat down on the floor and started talking about each other what we liked and disliked ''So anyone of ya'll like that boy band 1D?'' i asked them they all looked at me in shocked ''Gurl boo we love them to death we are like huge fans of them'' said Stacy ''Oh really'' i said laughing at there reactions.

''Omg i forgot to video chat with my bf'' i said running over to get my computer ''Who's your bf?'' asked Jessica ''You will see'' i said clapping my hands together when Niall showed up in my computer i looked over at them there mouths were opened ''Hey babe miss you already'' he said while making kissy face's.

''Haha me too babe'' i said laughing ''YOU DIDN'T TELL US YOUR BF WAS NIALL!'' yelled Amber at me ''Well sorry oh and Niall meet Amber,Stacy and Jessica'' i said turning the coputer to them and pointing each one they all waved at him. ''Your bf is sexy without a shirt'' whispered Stacy in my ear i just laughed and nodded.

Josh came in the room ''Hey ladies i know we all met the beautiful Ashley'' they all nodded ''Well i guess its off to bed because we have to practice tomorrow Night Ashley'' they all got up and waved at me ''Bye girls see you tomorrow'' i said while waving back at them.

''Wait what do you mean tomorrow your staying'' Said Niall SHIT! i forgot we were still video chatting ''Umm Niall i'm staying i think its a good id-'' he cut me off ''Good Night Ashley '' he said and ended the chat.

I started to cry when i forgot Josh was still in the room ''Josh can you leave ill see you tomorrow at the fashion practice'' i said while wiping the tears away '' alright Night'' he said and closed the door. i felt my computer on the floor and went to bed tomorrow is another new day.......



Hey guys sorry if its not good i been feeling down i'm having family problems so i don't think i'm gonna be updating to much i hope ya'll understand me love ya'll <3.


whats gonna happen next?

Will Ashley forget about Alex and Niall?

Will Niall do anything?


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