But You Promised ( Niall Story) <3

Falling in-love with you was a mistake you promised that we would always be together now that iam pregnant you leave me. You say you don't want a child that your career is more important then having a child </3... Now i don't have no one


20. New Job ... ?

Ashley's P.O.V

2 weeks has passed and everything is normal only that the Teresa chick keeps coming and bothering us everyday Niall and Me are solving are problems now we act like that whole Dinner thing never happened. But who new this day could maybe ruin us both.


It was Friday afternoon Niall went out with the lads because they were in town i was stuck at home taking care of Alexander even tho he was still asleep. I was sitting in the couch watching E! news when the door bell rang. I got up and checked who it was it was Dulce ''OMG Dulce i missed you so much!'' i said hugging her ''Ugh Gurlll you don't think i missed you so much i been bored!'' she said almost yelling it out.

''Haha you think me too come in'' i said moving so she could come in ''Thanks''. We were in the kitchen talking about things that been happening when she stopped talking and took something out, out of her pocket. ''Oh umm Ashley this was in your mail box'' she said handing it to me i didn't say anything i just grabbed it, it was a letter. I opened it and read it.

Dear Ashley,

Hello Ashley we are a modeling company in New York city we would love to have you as one of are models we seen you out in the streets, we think you have a beautiful body and that's what we need, think of it a new life you get payed $300 per hour. We will travel the world go see fashion shows even your gonna be in them , Think of it being Famous ....


You will have to move and  live in New York city for 2 Years, We will pay the place you will be living in, You will be under are rules, you cannot bring kids, It will only be you who as to come.


From Lana's Fashion Company.


I dropped the letter and looked over at Dulce ''What is it !'' she said running over to me ''They want me to be a model'' i said still shocked ''omg are you taking the job cause you know not everyone makes it'' ''I know Dulce but its in New York and i have to move there for 2 years and i can't bring Kids!'' i said yelling at her.

''TAKE THE JOB! ill take care of Alex for you!'' she said while picking up the note ''Dulce i want to do the job but not seeing my son or Niall for 2 years is too much Alexander is gonna say his first word one day and i won't be here to see it and when he learns to walk i won't be here i'm gonna be in some modeling thing and i'm gonna be missing all the new things my son will learn !'' i didn't know if i should take the job.

''I know its gonna be hard but Ash you can't spend your whole life without a job if i was you i would take that job come on $300 per hour WHOA too much your gonna earn more than Niall well maybe not more than Niall but you know what i mean'' she said patting my back ''I'm gonna call Niall'' ''Okay and i'm gonna go see Alexander'' she said and ran up stairs.

I picked up my phone that was on the table and Dialed Niall's number the good thing is that he always picks up quickly ''Hello?'' ''Hey babe'' i said while putting him on speaker ''Aye love what's up you don't sound happy?'' ''Niall i got a job but the job is in New York they want me to move there for 2 years and the bad thing is that they don't allow kids'' there was a moment of silence he didn't say anything all you could here was the lads talking in the background.

''Ummm... okay that's not good are you gonna do the job?'' he said braking the silence ''I don't know lik-'' he cut me off '' I don't think you should cause think of Alexander hes gonna need you cause your his mom and i'm gonna die not seeing you for 2 years its gonna kill me and him''. ''Ill talk to you later Niall'' tears were forming in my eyes.

Should i take the job ?????



HEY LOVESSSSSSSSSSS :D <3 &&&&&&&& sorry for the short chapter not feeling so well today.

Should Ashley take the job ?

Will Niall let her?

If she does take the job what's gonna happen to Alexander?

Are they gonna fall apart??????


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