But You Promised ( Niall Story) <3

Falling in-love with you was a mistake you promised that we would always be together now that iam pregnant you leave me. You say you don't want a child that your career is more important then having a child </3... Now i don't have no one



Ashley's P.O.V


I went back inside with Alexander after Niall left to be honest i'm really gonna miss him even tho we got mad at each other a lot. I went inside the kitchen where i found Amber sitting down eating breakfast ''Hey Amber you wanna go walk in the park with me and Alexander?'' i asked her she just looked at me and nodded we haven't really talked after The wanted concert.

''Can you invite Nathan please'' she said putting her plate in the dish washer ''Umm yeah sure let me just call him and can you get Alexander's stroller please i think it's in the closet and if its not i think its in Stacy's room'' i said and she ran with a huge smile on her face i think it was because i was gonna call Nathan and hang with us.

I went upstairs with still Alexander in my arms when i herd crying? it was coming from Jessica's room as i entered she was crying of happiness i guess cause i could see a huge smile on her face too ''Hey Jess why so happy and why are you crying?'' i asked her ''Siva asked me to be his girl!!!!'' she said running up to be and taking Alexander off my arms and kissing his forehead.

''Aww how sweet i wish ya'll the best and can you take care of Alexander for me please'' i said to her ''Yeah sure but why?'' what i don't really like about Jessica is when you tell her that your gonna do something shes gonna start asking you a lot of questions. ''I'm gonna call Nathan and ask him if he wants to go to the park with me,Alexander and Amber'' maybe i said too much ''OMG i wanna go and i can invite Siva its gonna be perfect AHHH!'' yeah i said too much.

''Yeah sure haha well take care of Alexander for me just give me 5 minutes to call Nathan'' i said and she just nodded. i walked out of her room and speed walk to Me and Niall's room. i entered and ran to my phone that was in the nightstand i picked it up and dialed Nathan's number.

The good thing it that he quickly answered ''who is this?'' he asked threw the phone ''Hey Nathan its Ashley'' ''Oh hey Ashley i been waiting for your call'' he said i could feel he was smiling ''Oh haha anyways i was wondering if you would love to come to the park with me, Amber and Jessica'' i said ''Yeah sure i would love to see ya'll again'' he said ''great ill see ya'll at the Dallas park then in about 30 minutes the'' ''Okay can't wait to see you again uh umm i mean anyways i have to go bye'' he said and hanged up that was strange ....

After i was done talking to Nathan i took a quick shower and deiced to put on some black skinny jeans and a cute hot pink shirt and my black converse, i decided to curl my hair it only took me 10 minutes ''Ashley hurry up ! i have Alexander all dressed up and in his stroller and me and Jessica are ready!'' Amber shouted from downstairs ''Coming!'' i yelled back. i unplugged the wand and got my phone and turned off the lights.

i ran down stairs where i saw Alexander in his stroller and Jessica and Amber ''Hurry lets go we don't want to be late and Siva is coming YEEE!'' squealed Jessica ''Yeah lets go'' i said and started pushing the stroller out the door. We where walking we didn't have The range rover no more cause i think there taking it to Ireland even tho there going to L.A. ''So girls?'' i said braking the silence ''I can't wait to see Nathan'' said Amber putting her hand where her heart is.

''Oh yeah i forgot you liked him that's why you told me to invited him'' i said looking at her you could tell she was day dreaming about him and her she just nodded and we kept walking until we got to the Dallas park. 

''Look there's Siva and Nathan!'' yelled Jessica and ran to Siva's arms i wish me and Niall were happy like them too. We walked over to them they where sitting in a bench but when they saw us the got up and they both had a huge smile on there faces.

''Hey Ashley!'' said Nathan and gave me a huge hug ''Hey Nathy'' i said ''Haha love nickname'' he said while letting go of me so he could hug Jessica and Amber. ''Hai! Siva'' i said giving him a friendly hug ''Hello'' he said hugging me back, ''Who's this little cutie'' said Nathan looking at Alexander ''Oh this is my Son Alexander'' i said.

''Well hes cute like you'' Nathan said and i started blushing what no i shouldn't be blushing i have a bf...  ''Thanks'' i said looking down at my feet ''Anyways guys lets go eat or something'' said Siva we all nodded and started walking. Nathan was pushing the stroller now and i was beside him and Amber was in beside him to she kept looking at him Jessica and Siva where in-front of us and holding hands. 

Soon i saw a flash coming from the bushes Oh no the paparazzi found us ''Nathan the paparazzi found us'' i said to him he looked around and soon there started coming towards us ''Guys the paparazzi'' Siva said. ''Nathan!'' i said he pulled me into a hug my head was in his chest. ''Are you and Ashley dating?'' ''Are you cheating on Niall Ashley?'' ''Nathan is this your son!'' shouted the paparazzi at us.

I took out Alexander out of his stroller and he started crying ''Nathan i wanna get out of here'' i said to him like a Little girl who was lost ''Yeah lets go back to my place'' He said gabbing the stroller and holding my hand. ''NATHAN AND ASHLEY ARE DATING!'' shouted one of the paparazzi, Lets just hope Niall doesn't see these Pictures .................................


***************************************************************************************************************]Here's the chapter i hope ya'll like it c: <3

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