But You Promised ( Niall Story) <3

Falling in-love with you was a mistake you promised that we would always be together now that iam pregnant you leave me. You say you don't want a child that your career is more important then having a child </3... Now i don't have no one


2. Goodbye </3

Ashley's P.O.V


3 weeks ago i found out i was pregnant and i know ya'll are wondering who's the dad.Well the dad is Niall Horan and yes hes from One Direction.

''Dulce how do i tell him'' I yelled at her i didn't know if he would take it out. We were in her hotel room she shared with Dana, We were staying at hotels cause IM5 & One Direction were touring together and well they started going out. 

''I Don't know just go up to him and say your prego's that easy'' she said while standing up and heading to the kitchen.

''You make it sound so easy but its not'' i said while tears started forming in my eyes. I started walking to the door i didn't know what else to do but tell him.

''No wait come back Ash your being stupid!'' i herd Dulce yell from down the hall. When i reached me and Niall's room i took a deep breath and entered. He was laying in bed watching tv as soon as he saw me he got up and walked towards me.

''Hey Babe i missed you'' he said while kissing my neck. ''Niall we need to talk'' now's the time. He sat down in the bed and patted to his lap telling me to sit down. ''What do you wanna talk about babe?'' he said wrapping his arms around me.

''Iam pregnant Niall your gonna be a dad'' i got up and fell to the ground tears were falling i never cried so much in my life when i looked up at him his face was shocked. ''Ashley were over iam not ready to be a dad and i have to focus on my career its more important sorry you can pack your bags and leave'' he got up and gave me a kiss on the forehead and left the room. I started crying even more i couldn't control myself i got up and started packing my bags when all of sudden Harry and Dana came in. When they saw me they both came up too me and hugged me.

''what happened we saw Niall mad and why are you crying?'' asked Dana letting go of me. ''Iam done with that bitch he freakin felt me because i'm pregnant and its his !'' i said falling in harry's arms. When i looked up at them they both had shocked faces.

''I'm going home anyways i won't be back in 2 years'' i said rubbing my eyes. ''I'm so mad at Niall he can't do that too you'' yelled Harry.

''Harry its not his fault even he has to focus on his career not on my or the baby that iam having'' i said while rubbing my tummy. They both sat down and looked at me pack they both had tears in there eyes. When i was done packing they both helped me with my bags when we where in the lobby i looked at them both and hugged them.

''I guess this is goobye'' i said to both of them. ''I guess it is'' said Dana looking down at his feet. ''Harry Dana say bye too the other boys for me'' i said and kissed there cheeks'' i got my bags and headed for the door when they both stopped me ''Hey Ash promise us your gonna bring the baby back so he or she can meet us'' they both said ''I promise bye guys love ya'll'' those wore the last words i said to them before giving them one last hug and heading to the door. 



                                      I hope y'all like it c:

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