But You Promised ( Niall Story) <3

Falling in-love with you was a mistake you promised that we would always be together now that iam pregnant you leave me. You say you don't want a child that your career is more important then having a child </3... Now i don't have no one


41. Family Vacation?

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Ashley's P.O.V


When me and the girls got home we saw a car park in the driveway ''Hey Ash isn't that your mom's car'' said Jessica pointing to the car ''OMG its is i wonder what shes doing here, here hold Alexander i think shes in her car waiting for me'' i said handing Alexander to Jessica. 

I walked over to my mom's car and i knocked on the car's window where she was inside texting someone she looked up and a huge smile on her face when she saw me. She rolled down the window ''Hai sweetheart! long time no talk haven't seen you since Alexander was born how is he?'' she asked me, what to be honest my mom was scaring me right now because i don't remember her being to sweet and nice to me.

''Hey mom yeah long time no talk and yeah Alexander is okay'' i said scratching the back of my head ''Are you still with that Ugh Niall'' she said roller her eyes like a teenager ''Umm mom yes i'm still with him and we kinda worked things out only that hes on tour right now and won't be back for 9 months'' ''Good cause i was wondering why not have a family vacation and go to Hawaii??'' she said getting out of the car.

''Woah woah woah hold up mom i have had a long freakin day and i don't feel like going on those family vacations even i promised Niall i would stay home and take care of our son'' i said crossing my arms ''Come Sweetheart lets go to Hawaii and you can invite your friends too'' she paused for a minute ''HEY GIRLS WHO WANTS TO GO TO HAWAII!'' yelled my mom at the girls. 

Jessica and Amber started jumping like crazy ''You hear that Alexander we are going to Hawaii!'' said Jessica to Alexander ''Can i invite my bf Siva?'' asked Jessica ''of course i herd hes a great guy ! i watch him on 'The Wanted Life'' said my mom and Jessica started getting even happier.

''Really mom i haven't agreed on going yet'' i said threw my teeth ''Well looks like your Girls agreed for you'' she said giving me an expected hug ''It won't be a family Vacation if Niall's not here'' i said getting out of her grip ''Niall was never family sweetheart he only got you prego and left you and came back and guess what hes never gonna be family no go start packing'' said my mom getting into her car ''And when your done packing call me cause are flight leaves at 10 at night tell the girls to be ready by 7 and to bring there bf's i guess'' she said and drove off.

Ugh now i have to go on a 'Family Vacation' that really isn't one great!. ''YAY! FAMILY VACATION'' yelled Amber running into the house ''Can wait to call Siva and tell him and we can invite All the guys of The wanted!'' said Jessica to me while handing me Alexander ''Jessica the whole point of a family vacation is  family'' i said to her but i guess she didn't hear me because she ran into the house too.

''Great i guess where going on a vacation without daddy'' i said to Alexander ''I should call him'' i said and walked into the house ''Girls have you seen my phone?'' i said from downstairs ''Yeah it should be in the table'' said Amber from upstairs. 

I walked over to the table and grabbed my phone and dialed Niall's number...........



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What will Niall say about the vacation?

Whats gonna happen while there on Vacation with The wanted?

what's gonna happen next?

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